What are the key points to keep in mind while availing coverage for the elderly?


Although senior citizens are much safer drivers as they have years of driving experience behind them, they find it difficult to avail affordable auto insurance. Older drivers are far more disciplined and never speed or drive around in a reckless fashion. They also obey the traffic rules very diligently, but those who are over 75 years of age find it difficult to get cheap auto insurance. But drivers belonging to all age groups must have auto insurance regardless of their age.

Seniors don’t like giving up on their driving as it means a certain loss of independence. But if you are a senior and love to drive, there are still ways and means to save some money on auto insurance premiums. The thumb rule is to shop around and the best way to do it is on the internet. It is easier to compare various auto insurance products on the internet. After doing a cost comparison by obtaining quotes from several companies, you can easily decide on what is right for you.

Since senior citizens don’t drive around as much as the youngsters, they can obtain a discount if they drive less than 10,000 miles each year. After retirement, you must let the insurance company know, so they can make the relevant changes in your policy.

The location of your vehicle can have a serious impact on your premium. A vehicle that is parked or driven in the rural areas is less likely to get involved in accidents or get stolen. It also makes sense to insurance all the vehicles with one insurer – in case you have more than one car. This will help you avail multi-vehicle discounts.

If you are senior driving a modern vehicle with all the safety features involved then you can avail a lot of discounts. Power brakes, power steering, burglar alarms, seat belts, air bags etc., are some of the safety features that are installed in all modern vehicles and can help you get discounts.

Ensure that you take the AARP’s refresher driving course which is an 8-hour course and is called ’55 alive.’ Even the National Safety Council and many others offer safe driving classes. If you enroll in such a course and complete it, you can avail discounts on your auto insurance premium as a senior citizen.

Whatever age group you belong to, safe driving will help you get a lot of rebate on your auto insurance premiums. Having a safe driving record is the best way to lower your car insurance rates.