What are the different things that actually make you have high premiums?


Saving money is a necessary thing to do, especially in these times of economic crisis. Therefore, it is also important for you to know the different things that are causing you to have high insurance premiums. Whenever you are able to know these things, and are also able to avoid such, most likely, you will be able to get lower premiums for your car insurance.

One of the most obvious determinants of car insurance premiums is actually the measure of how risky you are. This is because of the fact that every time you are involved in accidents on the road, or even when your car is stolen, it will surely cause car insurance companies to pay for the required amount. Meaning, when you are very likely to be involved in such accidents because you are a risky driver, more likely, you will have higher insurance premiums. Here then are some of the things that make you become a risky driver, and likewise, have high insurance premiums:

  • An ugly driving record
    Remember that it is actually your driving record which determines whether you are very likely to be involved in car accidents or other kinds of car mishaps or not. This is because of the fact that your driving record actually shows all of the traffic violations and all of the roadside accidents that you have been involved in. therefore, when you have an ugly driving record, expect to have high insurance premiums to pay.
  • Your car
    Another thing that makes your insurance premiums very expensive is your car. Whenever you are driving hybrids or old cars for instance, then you may be in a good position to get low premiums to pay for. However, when you are driving an SUV or luxury vehicles, remember that it is more prone to cat theft and roadside accidents. Therefore, having these kinds of vehicles will surely make you have high insurance premiums.
  • Driver age
    In this case, whenever you are a teenager, expect that you will have high insurance premiums to pay. Most, if not all car insurance companies actually have taken note of the different statistics which shows that more and more car accidents are involving teenagers. Plus, teenagers are also more likely to be careless drivers. However, when you are a person that ages 25 and above, car insurance companies may see you as a safer and more mature driver. This situation then brings in cheaper insurance premiums to pay for.