What are the basics of automobile insurance everyone should know?


Like many other obligations it is statutory to have car insurance and anybody driving without some kind of auto insurance will attract legal penalties from the authorities.  Having car insurance is sort of armor designed to protect the auto and the owner from unexpected mishaps. Car insurance will help repair or replace your vehicle in case of accidents, cover medical expenses and damage to persons or property involved. 

Almost all the states in the US have made it compulsory for an auto owner to have insurance for his vehicle. A driver with out auto insurance can cause damage to others or other’s property and might not able to pay for the damage. This is where the car insurance comes handy. It not only salvages you from financial loss but also protect other from financial loss. This signifies the fact that auto insurance should also be considered as a social responsibility and it is the duty of every car owner to have some sort of insurance cover for their automobile and oblige. 

Let us look into the basics of the car insurance. There are about six kinds of insurance cover available to motorists in a car insurance policy. Depending on where you are placed you may need some coverage out of these and others being optional. 

Following are the important auto insurance covers one may opt for: 

  • Liability Insurance (Bodily Injury)
  • Liability Insurance (Property Damage)
  • Personal Injury Protection (Medial Payments)
  • Auto collision coverage
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Coverage for Under Insured/Uninsured Motorists and
  • Roadside Assistance 

If you are a car owner, new or old, must get any or some of the above mentioned insurance cover according to the requirement. You can contact an insurance agency or call upon an insurance agent to have all these policies explained in order to pick one. Before buying a policy you should enquire around for the least expensive one. You can get many auto insurance quotes on the internet or seek the services of an independent insurance agent who will be more than eager to help you find out the best car insurance policy for you. By consulting both sources you can find several insurance quotes from different insurance companies and make comparisons. You also make sure that the insurance company assures quick and efficient customer service in the event of an accident and take minimum time to process your insurance claim. This you can verify by conferring with friends and relatives who have made claims from insurance companies. You can also rummage through reports released by state insurance departments on the performances of various insurance companies and determine their repute.