Should you insure an old car?


Insuring an old car, specifically a car over 25 years old, would be a very good idea for a car owner. It is a good idea because a car over 25 years old is considered ‘classic’. When you say classic it should meet all the requirements of a classic car, and it is also entitled to all the benefits of a classic car. Cars under classic have the same benefits like of a car under Full Comprehensive Car Insurance. The benefits of cars under full comprehensive car insurance are that the owner of the car is insured by the company against all kinds of event. These events are fire, theft, and accident.

In case of an accident the owner need not to show fault to insure payment from the company. And also even if the other driver involved in the accident is at fault and didn’t show his insurance details, or worse, he doesn’t have car insurance, you can still claim against your car insurance company. Those are the benefits of under Full Comprehensive Car Insurance, and those are also the benefits of a ‘classic’ car. However, insuring a ‘classic’ car may be a good idea, it would also be a good idea to read carefully the insurance policies of a ‘classic’ car, because some car insurance company limits the road mile a ‘classic’ car can travel each year. It is always good to have a working knowledge of car insurance policies.