Should I get another car insurance policy when I’ll move to another state?


Driving without car insurance is illegal in every state. It is better to get insurance than suffering the consequences later on if you were caught driving without it.

States differ in their car insurance requirement. It is important to comply with your state’s requirement because many states take their car insurance laws seriously. There are stiff penalties imposed to drivers without the proper car insurance. Fines can be costly too. Aside from that your car may be impounded, your license may be suspended, or you may be jailed.

A dilemma is often faced by drivers who are insured in the state where they currently live but will be moving to another state soon. The best thing to do here is to know the car insurance minimum requirement of the state where you will be moving by asking a car insurance representative or the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Generally, you are required to purchase car insurance from a state licensed insurance company. For example, if your car is registered in New York, you should get insurance to a company registered there or else you will be fined.

Other states only require that you meet the minimum requirement regardless of where your car is registered. This applies to students whose vehicle is registered and insured in one state but will go to college in another state.

Specific laws that set a specified amount of time that you have to get insured, licensed and registered when you move in differ in every state. It is wise to get an insurance policy before you arrive there so that you will not be rushing in looking for an insurance company especially if you will stay there for more than six months.

In registering your vehicle, they may require you to provide a proof that you already acquired car insurance from a company licensed in that state. Getting it earlier will help you avoid delays in your car registration. You will also avoid gaps in you insurance because in canceling your old insurance, you already have a new insurance ready as a replacement.

Another option is to ask your car insurance provider if the company is licensed in the state you moving in because it is possible to transfer insurance policy if it is licensed in both states. You can also ask the state’s insurance regulator to ask for specific details you want to know.