Most Recent Auto Insurance Questions in Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does Swapping Cars Affect Your Car Insurance?

    Sometimes my wife and I swap cars. Does affect our separate insurance accounts?  Partners and spouses who use each other’s cars will have to be listed under each other’s account at their respective insurance companies. Since you each have your own insurance your driving records should not affect each other’s insurance. f you have an accident in someone else’s car … (more) September 23, 2010

  • Q: Does Age Matter in Auto Insurance?

    You are nearing you retirement age. You heard that as we grow older, the rates of auto insurance will increase. When you heard about this, you told yourself that this is a form of discrimination. So what you did was, called your auto insurance company and presented to them this matter. They suggested that you go to the office so … (more) September 22, 2010

  • Q: Do I Need to Have Auto Insurance?

    Your son will be 18 in a couple of weeks and yes, will have the freedom to drive his own car. You are thinking of either having a second hand car to start things of or should dad just get a new one to avoid having some parts being repaired after some time of using it. That would mean more … (more) September 21, 2010

  • Q: How will I know if my auto insurance will pay for an accident if I am to blame?

    Auto insurance has two forms to determine what damages will be covered. There is the standard and the no fault. Standard form of coverage will determine who is generally responsible for the auto accident and will decide on which party to cover. This means that if you are at fault during the incident, then the coverage will go more on … (more) September 19, 2010

  • Q: What companies provide the best auto insurance?

    1. GEICO Auto Insurance 2. Progressive Auto insurance 3. Travelers Auto Insurance 4. Nationwide Auto Insurance 5. Amica Auto Insurance 6. Allstate Auto Insurance 7. Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance The abovementioned insurance companies offer good overall auto insurance and have good reputable ratings under their belts. These insurance companies offer other insurance policies aside from auto insurance. Why should I … (more) September 18, 2010

  • Q: Why does car insurance for women cost less than that for men?

    Gender based demarcation is something that has extended to pretty much every aspect of our life. It is not uncommon to see things that might be differently priced between genders. Don’t get offended if it is not in favor of your gender, since these numbers have been derived after doing extensive research. It is not to be confused with something … (more) September 10, 2010

  • Q: What should I keep in mind while applying for a new auto insurance policy?

    Buying something new is kind of exciting, especially if you are provided with a lot of choices. Almost everyone buys a new car with great gusto simply because of the fact that there is quite nothing like it. After all, the number of cars available in the market across the different segments is reason enough to want to buy something … (more) September 8, 2010

  • Q: What are the types of coverage offered?

    There are a number of types based on your needs and ability to pay the premium. It also depends a lot on the value of your car. It can be monetary or emotional value. But it is value all the same. You could go for comprehensive insurance which covers all eventualities. Or you could go for fire and theft … (more) September 6, 2010

  • Q: Why do you need auto insurance?

    It is not only a good habit to have auto insurance; it is also the law in almost all developed nations and states. And there are huge penalties that you might have to pay if you are driving without auto insurance. And the fines are huge. You might have to pay a few hundred dollars and your license may also … (more) September 6, 2010

  • Q: What are the various ways in which I can apply for auto insurance policy?

    There are many different ways in which one can buy auto insurance these days. In fact, if you come across all the different policies that there are, you might be perplexed as to how you can choose the one that will work for you and won’t cost you a fortune either. This might be something that almost all new car … (more) September 5, 2010

  • Q: What are the points I need to take care of while choosing an auto insurance company?

    Getting auto insurance is something that you should think about going in for before you do actually go out and buy the car. After all, if you are planning to get assistance to buy your car, you need to calculate all the costs involved in owning the vehicle so that you can be sure that it is within the budget … (more) August 31, 2010

  • Q: What are the most important things to avoid while buying auto insurance?

    Buying a car is almost immediately followed with buying car insurance, unless the two things happen simultaneously. In fact, drivers often don’t realize this but the thing is that car insurance actually has a lot of things associated to it that you need to watch out for. Just like how you would try and put effort into buying the car, … (more) August 29, 2010

  • Q: What are the factors that affect my auto insurance premium rates?

    Auto insurance is a really costly affair these days. It all boils down to the demand and supply theory. Though there is sufficient supply in the form of hundreds of auto insurance companies, the demand just keeps on growing as more and more people buy automobiles. Auto insurance is not just an added advantage; it is the law in all … (more) August 28, 2010

  • Q: What are deductibles and how do they influence my auto insurance rates?

    The car insurance that you might have for your vehicle has a lot of factors that determine its premium. If you do learn about all the features that might be used in order to deduce the insurance, you might have a faint idea as to how to calculate the insurance. Deductibles are just one of the many factors that make … (more) August 25, 2010

  • Q: How to choose the right car insurance for my car?

    If you have trouble choosing things, then auto insurance is something that you are definitely not going to like. In fact, if you have ever gone through the process of buying a car, you will be familiar with all there is to choose when it comes to auto insurance. In fact, there are a lot of parameters that you need … (more) August 22, 2010

  • Q: How can I reduce my auto insurance rates?

    For car owners worldwide, the one concern that they all have is how they can get better insurance rates. In fact, there are a number of ways in which you can ensure that you are not paying more than what you are supposed to be paying for your auto insurance. While not all of them are proven methods, most of … (more) August 18, 2010

  • Q: How can I calculate my auto insurance rates?

    For people who are new to the concept of auto insurance, it can get quite tricky to exactly understand how it is that the various things are calculated. They might get confused regarding the different parameters and know what to consider and what it is that they can neglect and not be worried about. This need not be the condition … (more) August 15, 2010

  • Q: What do I need to do in case of meeting with an accident if I have a comprehensive auto insurance coverage?

    Auto insurance has a way of giving you money, and unless you know exactly how it is that it gives you claims and pays your expenses when you are involved in an accident, you might find it a little harder to do things. Some people are unsure about what exactly it is that one can make claims for when involved … (more) August 12, 2010

  • Q: What features do I need with my auto insurance?

    Buying a new vehicle is quite a satisfying experience and there is quite nothing like it. In fact, most individuals do a lot of research before they want to go out and buy a new vehicle. However, not everyone is smart about it, and some people do everything right except for the part where they are supposed to find out … (more) August 9, 2010

  • Q: What factors must I keep in mind when applying for a used car insurance policy?

    Used car insurance policies vary a lot from the traditional insurance policy. We shall now explore the various differences that are present in them. The most basic difference would be the cost. You would not be paying as much premium as you would be paying for a new car insurance policy as you would be paying for a used car … (more) August 8, 2010