I’m going to college and since it’s going to be in another state, I want to take my car with me. If I decide to purchase a car insurance on my own, what are the things that I must consider?


After acquiring your own driver’s license and learning how to properly drive, the next step to take is getting a car insurance. Be aware that you are not allowed to just drive your car on the streets without having auto insurance. Statistically wise, teenagers from 16-19 years old drive riskier than adults ranging from 65-69.

  • Know the type of car you want to drive
    It is obvious that many teenagers want to drive fast and flashy cars. It is all right if you’re confident that you are a careful driver. To keep it simple, the faster the car, the more expensive the insurance premium will become.
  • Tip
    Try to go for older and heavier cars first since they have a lower risk of being driven recklessly – and yes, the auto insurance for them are way less expensive.
  • Get enrolled in a driving school
    If you already have your own car, you have to be aware of the usual driving misconducts committed by teenagers like you. Getting involved in such would result to the insurance claims, traffic tickets and auto repair expenses to shoot up.
    The best thing to do here is for you to enroll on a driving school. Going through such intensive training prepares you to become a cautious driver. Apart from that, if you do well on driving school, the insurance company might just lower the cost of the premiums.
  • Good grades pay off
    Since you’re still in school, you should know that if you get good grades, the insurance company will definitely give you a discount on the premiums. Why? It’s because teenagers who belong to the honor roll and maintains a B grade are said to be more responsible when it comes to driving.