I am a teenager, how can I get car insurance discounts?


Getting car insurance among teenagers is very important for their protection. They often meet road mishaps because of their out-of-town escapades or late night driving due to busy schedules.

Available statistics show that

  • Male drivers who are under 21 are ten times more vulnerable to car accidents than male drivers aged 35 years and above or much the same way as young drivers have a higher rate of crashes at night than older drivers
  • 1 out of 5 drivers are involved in a crash during their first year on the road
  • 1 out of 8 25-year old British drivers have higher rate of crashes at night than older drivers die in traffic collisions
  • In 2004, 5,610 teenagers died in the United States because of car injuries according to the IIHS
  • Last 2007, about 40 percent of passengers were killed or seriously injured in a car mishap—and the car was actually driven by a young driver

Car insurance for young drivers can be quite expensive because car insurance companies base their rates from statistics. But it is worth paying for considering the benefits that these young drivers get. Some measures can be done on the other hand to lessen the cost. 

You can complete a driving standards course that offer discounts to newly qualified drivers. This course enhances your driving skills. If you have adequate skills or obtained good grades in your driving class, the insurance company may give you discounts. Most major car insurance company takes into consideration the abilities of young drivers to drive. 

Consider driving an inexpensive car instead of a sports car. Your insurance rate is largely determined by the value of the car you are driving.

You can also stay in your parents’ policy so you will not have to pay for yourself. As you get older, your insurance rate will drop so expect lower premiums in the future. 

Try to maintain good credit history and clean driving record. Don’t let your insurance lapse so you can qualify for discounts. 

Don’t forget to ensure the safety of your vehicle. You can put an alarm system or park in an enclosed space. If your record shows that you are a safe driver, there is a chance that you will get discounts. If you want to get the best deal for your insurance, try policy shopping in the internet to compare rates.