How can seniors get the best deals on auto insurance without compromising on coverage?


Auto insurance is a must even for senior citizens and there are ways and means to purchase the best policy and avail maximum discounts as senior citizens have earned the right to avail discounts. This is a much better idea rather than avoiding insurance altogether. If you drive around the city in a new vehicle, you will certainly need auto insurance. There are several factors that are taken into consideration while providing insurance for seniors and insurance companies take all this while designing the policies for seniors.

Credit history

Seniors are generally expected to have a longer credit history as well as a better credit rating when compared to the others. A good credit score is indicative of a mature and responsible adult who handles finances in a responsible manner. This will also have a bearing on your driving skills as well as the ability to pay the auto insurance premiums regularly. Hence seniors can get the same coverage but for much less.

Combining insurance

Most seniors have other insurance policies such as health insurance or home insurance and can hence combine the auto insurance policies with the other insurance. This is one way to ensure that they become preferred clients with a particular insurance provider as they would help in bringing more business to the insurance companies over a period of time. Hence the insurance companies provide discounts to their valuable clients. Seniors can also take advantage of the fact that their partners or children have auto insurance policies and this will help lower their premiums as well.

Certified driving course

Enrolling in a certified driving course that is offered by driving schools will help in availing great discounts. These are basically for those who are over 55 years of age. There are plenty of online courses which seniors could enroll in. This will not only help in refreshing their driving skills but will help them in being more careful on the roads.

Good driving records

Seniors who have good driving records have an added advantage as they could avail a lot of discounts. Senior citizens are generally less likely to get distracted trying to text messages or talk to friends over the phone etc. Seniors are normally considered to be mature and responsible while driving and this adds to the safety aspect and there are lesser involvements in accidents. Seniors are also not likely to drive as much as other working professionals and get discounts for lower mileage as well.