How can I maximise the auto insurance discounts available from companies?


Auto insurance premiums are often taken for granted by a lot of car owners. Although some premiums look small, you need to think for the longer run. When you look at the bigger picture, a small amount of research and shopping could help you save a lot of money by take the right auto insurance policy with good rates for adequate coverage.

A lot of car owners tend to go for the minimum insurance required, which is usually the liability coverage. Under this insurance coverage, you will be able to pay for the damage repairs of the other party in case of an accident caused due to your fault. However, this doesn’t augur well, especially with massive financial implications of a car accident. Therefore it is a good idea to go for insurance coverage which will take care of your auto repairs, irrespective of which side is the guilty party, medical repairs and sometimes cost of replacement of the vehicle itself. You can maximise your auto insurance discounts through some simple strategies.

If you have multiple cars in your house, it is a no brainer to combine the insurance, as insurance companies will consider you a more profitable customer and hence offer a better rate. Similarly, shopping around online always helps you bring down the insurance premium lower simply because insurance companies are always looking for customers. It is not a wise step to renew your auto insurance policy blindly without looking at what other insurance companies are offering.

The greater the period during which you haven’t made any auto insurance claims, the better it augurs for your future rates. You should be able to exploit your safe credentials as well. If you are a driver without a traffic violation for over 3 years, you can put it to good effect by asking for a discount that most auto insurance companies will be obliged to provide. Similarly if you don’t commute to work regularly, using the public transportation instead, you would be a safer prospect for the insurance companies, lowering your premium further. In fact, auto insurance companies even look at the credit rating, which means, customers with high credit scores have a greater chance of getting discounts from the auto insurance companies. Housewives, seniors and students with great grades are usually offered attractive discounts too. If you have a fleet of cars or a house to insure, you can expect some discounts your way as well.