Does Age Matter in Auto Insurance?


You are nearing you retirement age. You heard that as we grow older, the rates of auto insurance will increase. When you heard about this, you told yourself that this is a form of discrimination. So what you did was, called your auto insurance company and presented to them this matter. They suggested that you go to the office so that discussion will be clearer. So, you set an appointment for the next day. 

It was morning that you went to your auto insurance company because during mornings when all the personnel are not so busy yet and because of the fact that you prefer a morning discussion rather than a late one in the afternoon when emotions are a little bit different because of the strains of the earlier hours. You were attended by female personnel. You were very pleased because throughout your discussion she was patient enough to make things clear to me. As an ageing person we are a little bit more sensitive than the younger ones and you really appreciated her patience. She was able to explain about your concern. 

Why do rates for car insurance increase as the person reaches their retirement age?  

The fact is, as people grow older there are times that accidents may be more than those who are a little bit younger. You then asked are there special benefits for you especially because you have been driving carefully and only had 1 or 2 tickets in 40 years? Your other questions were, what if before retirement and you have an operation with either of your eyes or ears, would that affect the rate of the insurance? The auto insurance being liberal auto insurance will make everything convenient when it comes to giving appropriate benefits for those cases. 

Another question you had in mind was, if you took a refresher course what good that will do?  The auto insurance agent told you that, taking a refresher course is a very good mood because it would help maintain one’s driving abilities. You then asked, taking refresher course will reduce the rates from the auto insurance? 

Will talking a refresher driving course affect the rates you pay for your car insurance?

Car insurance agents will inform you that refresher courses will surely help reduce the rate of the auto insurance but then again, the fee of the refresher course might be higher than the rate taken off the premiums, especially if you take the refresher course every 3 years.