Do women get cheaper car insurance?


Whenever you own a car, one of the most inevitable things that you will have to do is for you to actually get car insurance. This is because of the fact that in order for you to drive your car legally, you must be bale to get insurance for your vehicle. In fact, there are even different states wherein they have a minimum car insurance plan that drivers must take, in order for them to drive their respective cars legally. This is called the state minimum requirement. Therefore, you cannot go away with car insurance as long as you have a car and wants to drive it.

However, it is also true that car insurance rates actually come at a certain price. Given that we are experiencing right now hard economic times, it is true that every additional dollar that is racked up in your bills is going to give you a certain pinch. That is the reason why many drivers right now actually wants to save on car insurance, and likewise, get cheaper car insurance premiums to pay. In this case, you may actually be in a very good position whenever you are a woman. This is because of the fact that women actually have much lower car insurance premiums as compared to the premiums that men have to pay.

Remember in this case that your car insurance premiums actually are determined by risk factor. This means that the higher the risk that you will be involved in car accidents, the higher the insurance premiums that you must pay. Remember that whenever you are involved in vehicular accidents, most likely, the car insurance companies will be at the losing end. Naturally, with consumers being insured, when they will encounter road mishaps, it is the car insurance companies who are going to pay. In this case, car insurance companies would want to seek higher insurance premiums from high risk drivers, and would also naturally offer lower premiums for low risk drivers.

In this case, it is actually a fact that most car insurance companies see women as more likely to be safe drivers than men. Generally, men are believed to be more hot tempered and more careless, making them very vulnerable to car accidents. In addition, there are also instances wherein men are more likely to be involved in drunk driving, and in dangerous, long distance driving as part of their respective jobs. However, women are seen to be more responsible drivers, and will also be more likely to have enrolled in driving schools. This makes them low risk drivers, making them get cheaper car insurance premiums.