Do safe drivers need auto insurance?


Most people who buy cars want to protect the car and they make sure that no damage comes to the car. These people attempt to drive carefully and are always alert about the road and the cars plying on the road while they drive so that their car does not get into an accident. The truth is that a lot of road accidents happen due to the mistake of another driver driving on the same road. A safe driver may be following all the rules of the road and may be careful about the other cars and people on the road but someone else who might not be as alert may dash into the car and cause an accident in which case the safe driver’s car may also suffer damage that may cost a fortune. In this kind of a situation if the car is not insured then the driver would have to shell out the repair cost from his or her own pockets for no fault of their own.

People driving under the influence of alcohol are a common sight and almost every night a number of major accidents are caused by these drunk drivers. People might be under the impression that until they are careful about their own driving they are safe and cannot get into an accident. This is however not true. It has been witnessed innumerable times that a lot of accident victims find themselves in an accident situation for someone else’s fault. Drunk drivers are often speeding and lose control of the car due to the influence of the alcohol, the impact of such a crash is very damaging for the car and the repair for such a damaged car becomes an extremely costly affair. For a person who has insured the car, it is not a big issue but for those without auto insurance the problems are very major because the cost of repairs are an added worry to the bigger problem of hurt to the people involved in the car accident.

Apart from having anticipated the rash driving of other drivers auto insurance is also important for the safe drivers because it is a government requirement and anyone who drives a car not protected by insurance is entitled to a penalty from law in the form of a fine or any other punishment meted out according to the law book.