Do Newly Licensed Teenagers Need to Have Car Insurance?


The requirements of car insurance policies in each state are governed by the laws made by these states. However, the very backbone of the car insurance laws that administer in every state is that each car owner must insure his car or anyone who is legally allowed to drive and has the capacity to drive must have an auto insurance policy. This means that even teenagers who just got their license must have a vehicle insurance policy or be named in the policy of an insured person like their parents.   

Based on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the IIHS, teens at 16 years of age gets into car related accidents six times more often than drivers at age 30 to 59. Because of this, the state highly recommends parents to get their teens their own car insurance policy or at least have the teen be covered under the parent’s insurance policy. Also because of this statistics, teen car insurance policies are more expensive than the insurance policies offered to adults.

 In order for you to get your teen an insurance policy that doesn’t cost much you and your teen could follow these simple tips.

  • Keeping a clean driving record is one of the best ways in keeping a low rate insurance policy not only for the teens but also for the adults. A clean driving record gives car insurance companies the impression that your teenage child is safe and wants to be safer. Thus, car insurance companies would no doubt give your teen a low insurance rate.
  • You have to set a good example to your teens. If they see that their mom or dad drives carefully, follows all traffic rules and avoids accidents then the moment they get their license they would surely follow your league.
  • Place your teen under your car insurance policy. In this manner you could reduce paying for another insurance policy.
  • You could also encourage your teen to get high grades. Car insurance companies deduct almost about 10% from their insurance rates once they’ve seen that your teen has at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Teens who took up driver’s education courses also get discounts from various car insurance companies.
  • Explain to your teens that driving under the influence of prohibited drugs and alcohol is just going to attract trouble.
  • Finally, do not give your teen a steaming hot sports car. Sports cars, first, attract trouble and second they cost more to repair than a family sedan.