Do I Need to Have Auto Insurance?


Your son will be 18 in a couple of weeks and yes, will have the freedom to drive his own car. You are thinking of either having a second hand car to start things of or should dad just get a new one to avoid having some parts being repaired after some time of using it. That would mean more expenses for dad. 

Yes, you know you are doing some monologues here but you think what is important right now is you must have an auto insurance even if you’re your son is a first time driver? 

Next week you are scheduled to see an auto insurance company and you are pretty sure that the questions you have in mind will be answered. While waiting for next week you have been doing some research about your question here. What you have found out is, in most states right now, auto insurance is a must and you are thinking that your son is a first time driver. You wonder what the requirements for that auto insurance are. 

You are also thinking, how much this auto insurance will cost me?  

You are hoping it will not be that expensive because your son is just turning 18 in a couple of weeks and you are now considering saving up more for that and future repairs when needed. 

Perhaps right now you are asking about, how much exactly will you be spending for this auto insurance of your son?  

Having an idea about that will give you an idea how much per month you should be saving. But then again, you are also considering to let you son have his first part time job to pay for some expenses, like for minor repairs of his car. With that mind you are thinking how fast the auto insurance will be paid when your son chips in with the expenses. 

You are now asking yourself, how long will that auto insurance going to be issued?

Because you cannot be driving your son to where he will be going like to his work or when he has to go to his friend’s place. Oh wow as the minutes are passing right now it seems that you are having more and more questions about the auto insurance issue. The best thing you could do now is list all the questions you may have, call the auto insurance company and be at the office on the day that you are suppose to see them.