Do I have to call a lawyer right after I get involved in a vehicular accident?


Gauge the urgency of the situation and decide whether it is proper to immediately involve your lawyer in your situation. Analyze the scene; what just happened, what the extent of damage is, what the severity of injuries is and to whom.

If you and those with you in your vehicle have remained relatively unharmed then maybe you do not have to call your lawyer. In instances wherein you or those with you have been seriously injured, you should contact a legal counsel who you might want to represent you in an injury and/or damage claim.

However, even if the damages or injuries do not seem serious enough do not turn off your cell phone yet. The situation in each vehicular mishap is not always the same. Evaluate the scene and decide on the best thing to be done.

A bent fender is no reason to call a lawyer to the scene. This kind of thing is best handled by your insurance agent. But if you believe you have to file a claim or even go court, a lawyer’s advice is highly valued and indispensable.

If your lawyer specializes in personal injury in relation to vehicular accidents, you can relax a bit as you know he’s got things covered.

Knowing when to go home and sleep your stress off and when to make a call to your lawyer is important.

Call your lawyer when:

  • Serious injury that calls for hospitalization has occurred
  • Death was a direct result of the accident
  • Whose fault it was has become an issue and the police report is vague, making it look like you are the one to blame
  • You need advice on the value of a potential claim    
  • You suspect that your insurer does not have your best interests in mind
  • You are unsure of your rights.