Can People with Disability Get Auto Insurance Policies?


You have a friend who is part deaf and mute but drives very well. You are worried if she will always be safe because of other drivers who are reckless and may be driving like there is no tomorrow. She is as careful as most drivers no doubt about her driving skills. She has been driving since college. All those times you were not able to ask her if it was easy for her to have an auto insurance considering her status. 

Can she acquire and auto insurance?  

She told you that she started to have blurry vision during our senior year and right after that her left ear seemed to be having some discomforts. Later on that year she had a general medical checkup together with an EENT. Everything was okay according to her except that her eye and ear will not be as functional as it used to be. That broke our hearts. You really admire her because in spite of what has happened she is has become a strong person and has been employed in one of the top company downtown. She has been employed there for about I think 8 years now. 

Anyways you recently got together and we spoke about life and yes her, having auto insurance. She told you it was a bit challenging because it seemed that there was nothing wrong with her and so for confirmation she had to undergo certain test and later on when it was proven that had an almost blind eye and her ear that is almost going deaf. She told you her first question to the auto insurance company. Her question was, will she be covered by an auto insurance company specially that she is somehow a little bit disabled?  She had some encounters with some auto insurance companies who were a little bit reluctant to write her insurance.

Another questions was, are there auto insurance companies out there who will be able to take care her situation when it comes to having auto insurance?  

She was recently referred to some liberal companies who could even take care of the processing of the auto insurance. This will make things faster and more convenient for persons like her. 

While she was in the auto insurance company, she also asked, why is it difficult for most people with disabilities to secure auto insurance? The answer was, most auto insurance companies think that the disabilities of a person will be a hindrance to their driving capabilities. But then again because of liberal companies which are mushrooming there will be no serious problems for persons with disabilities to be driving around.