Am I really sure that my car insurance will protect me?


Car insurance policies are legally binding. The insurer has the authority to charge regular payments in exchange of insuring possible economic losses of the policy holders. These payments are called premiums which are paid at regular intervals.

Getting car insurance is required by law. Driving without it may give you legal and financial problems later on and exposing other people and properties to risk. This could only mean that you have to bear all the cost when you are involved in accident.

It is really for your safety why the government requires you to have it. But how can you be so sure that your car insurance will protect you?

The processes involved in getting car insurance and getting your claims is a bureaucratized one. The standard procedures that insurance companies’ perform show that insurance policies really work. So you do not have to grope in the darkness on what to do in processing your insurance and claims.

Driving without car insurance is punishable by law. You either pay fines or your license will be suspended if you caught in the second time. You can be imprisoned for multiple violations. You can also face a lawsuit if other people are hurt or killed when you are at fault in an accident and bear the attorney’s fee and other costs. If you have the proper insurance, then you do not have to worry about those penalties.

If your car was totaled, stolen by car thieves or you met an accident, the loss will be assessed by the company and you will be properly compensated. They may even compensate the cost of repair of your car or replace it if is beyond repair. The cost of your medical bill and the loss of income of a person injured in an accident could even be paid by the company. If you do not have car insurance, just imagine the financial burden you will face.

You must be knowledgeable about the car insurance policy you get so you know what your insurance policy cannot do for you. For example, will the insurance cover you if it is stolen, vandalized or damaged by hail or fire? In that situation a comprehensive coverage will pay the cost of damage.

There are limitations of the insurance of course, the insurance coverage cannot make up for the emotional loss and it surely cannot replace the loss of lives.