Auto Insurance Questions Archive for July, 2010

  • What Does “Full Coverage” Cover?

    There are a lot of banks which compels a car owner to obtain a full coverage insurance policy. This is because banks are trying to avoid their possible loss when one of their clients would be involved in a car accident, whether their client is the cause of the accident or the victim of such event. So, a lot of … (more) July 11, 2010

  • How does Car Insurance Work?

    Vehicle insurance is a must in at least forty-seven states. The main reason of this is because it is a means to insure a person involved in a vehicular accident to go back to his way of living before the accident occurred. Most car insurance companies are proficient enough to satisfy the agreements said on their policies. Each policy is … (more) July 10, 2010

  • Is It Possible to Get Insurance for Your Car with a Suspended or Revoked License?

    In getting a car insurance policy you should always provide the company with correct details. This is because when they find that you are carrying an invalid license and you did not tell them about it, your insurance policy would be cancelled immediately. For people with revoked or suspended license, getting their car insured is difficult, but not impossible. Every … (more) July 9, 2010

  • I am planning to insure my Rover P5B car (which is a classic). As far as I know, insuring a classic car is way different from insuring an ordinary car. What are the most important things I should consider?

    You might really get confused when insuring a classic car. Your car coverage would depend on how you would use it plus your agent will most likely determine whether you’d be really enjoying your car in the near or distant future. If the agent is not accustomed to insuring classic cars, they might not help you properly and thus you … (more) July 8, 2010

  • Why do teenagers have higher insurance premiums?

    Usually, the older people pay more expensive rates than younger people do. However, the style among car insurance companies was turned upside down. Younger people have to compensate even twice the price the old people are paying! Considering the young people’s point of view, the said policy is “questionable”. Based on their arguments, any of them, just like the older … (more) July 7, 2010

  • What affects the rate of your insurance policy?

    Prices of insurance policies vary from one insurance company to the other. Your insurance policy rate is also dictated by the features or details you place in your policy. In case you didn’t know, every feature of your auto insurance policy is priced individually. So the more specifications you place in your policy, the more you pay. However, there are … (more) July 6, 2010

  • What are insurance deductibles?

    Vehicle insurance policies vary from one state to another. Insurance policies in one state may or may not be available in other states. This is because each state has prepared a set different of insurance laws. However, no matter how different each state from one another, insurance policies still function the same way in every state. Car insurance policies help … (more) July 5, 2010

  • What are the elements of an auto insurance policy?

    Insurance policies are covered by various laws the state issues. The available insurance policies in one state may be different in the insurance policies offered in another. A car insurance policy is composed of sections which describe each type of insurance policy that the insurance company recommends. Your auto insurance policy basically just gives you important information about the types … (more) July 4, 2010

  • What to consider in purchasing an insurance policy?

    In getting an auto insurance policy, a purchaser must consider a few things. First, he must know what the minimum insurance policy is. The minimum auto insurance policy is described by the state. Usually, the minimum insurance policy that a motorist should have is the liability coverage. However, people who seek for more insurance coverage are permitted to do so. … (more) July 3, 2010

  • What are uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage?

    While you are the road, you might encounter drivers who get into vehicular accidents with no auto insurance policy or drivers who do own an auto insurance policy only that their insurance policy is too low to pay for the damages they may have inflicted in an accident that is caused by them.  These motorists are then called uninsured motorists … (more) July 2, 2010

  • What is the physical damage coverage?

    There are several types of insurance policies every car insurance company provides. However, these types of insurance coverage are divided into four main classes. The first class is the liability coverage which covers for any injury or damage a policy holder at fault causes to another party.  Next is the uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage which covers for drivers … (more) July 1, 2010