Auto Insurance Questions Archive for September, 2009

  • What’s with a-day insurance premiums?

    We are very much aware that there are car rentals which offer 1 day rent, and that it is availed by many people who don’t have a car or have problems with their car, but needs one that day. Well, usually, that car is also insured by the one who rented also for a day. The same principle also applies … (more) September 12, 2009

  • What are car insurance deductibles?

    When we are talking about car insurance policy, we always encounter the word deductible. In fact, deductibles are one of the most overlooked components of car insurance. Usually, when talking about insurance policies, we tend to focus on premiums and coverage. Especially when one is looking for the most affordable and quality car insurance policy, we tend to focus on … (more) September 11, 2009

  • Do Hybrid Cars Bring Discounts?

    Finding ways in how to save on insurance? Planning to buy a new car because your old one is already dysfunctional or inefficient? This is a good time and opportunity for you. In these times, insurance companies are starting to give discounts to eco-friendly vehicles. In fact, many people are already doing so. We are all aware that choosing gas … (more) September 10, 2009

  • What’s with budget insurance companies?

    We are all aware that the world is experiencing a financial crisis. Our economy is not the way it used to be; unemployment is increasing, real wages are falling and many large companies are in hard times or worse, running bankrupt, with the notion “to big to fail” proven wrong. In this situation, there is already a growing proliferation of … (more) September 9, 2009

  • Do insurance rates drop when one reaches 25 years old?

    One of the major factors that car insurance companies take into consideration when adjusting insurance premium is the amount of risk that you can give to the company; the higher the risk factor, the higher the insurance premium. For example, the higher the probability that you would be involved in car accidents, or if you are likely to get claims … (more) September 8, 2009

  • Car Insurance for Young Drivers

    We know that some youngsters often met car accidents as a result of out-of-town escapades or late night driving due to busy schedules so it is best for them to get car insurance before it is too late. There are few things a young driver could to lessen the cost of the car insurance in his or her first four … (more) September 7, 2009

  • What are the different types of car insurance?

    Here are the types of car insurance that are available to those who are looking for car insurance for their car. First is the ‘Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance’. As its name suggests, this is the most expensive and the most common type of car insurance. It is the most expensive, because it insures the owner of the car against all … (more) September 6, 2009

  • How to lower the cost of car insurance for teenagers?

    You could get car insurance for your teenager cheaper if you know what the things to avoid and not to avoid. First is the type of car your teenager is driving. Teens like to drive fast, so they want a sports car, but finding car insurance for a sports car would be quite expensive. Because remember higher the horsepower, higher … (more) September 5, 2009

  • Should you insure an old car?

    Insuring an old car, specifically a car over 25 years old, would be a very good idea for a car owner. It is a good idea because a car over 25 years old is considered ‘classic’. When you say classic it should meet all the requirements of a classic car, and it is also entitled to all the benefits of … (more) September 4, 2009

  • Is it punishable by law to allow an unlicensed driver to drive my car?

    This is severely punishable by law. Every states and even the federal law has a law that guards against this , and a stipulated penalty attached to it. It is advisable never to let this happen at all because the consequence can be quite grave. It further goes a long way to affect your auto insurance. September 4, 2009

  • Why the cheapest car insurance may not be the best deal?

    There are four (4) types of car insurance: Full Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third Party, Fire and Theft, Third Party Insurance, and Specialized Car Insurance. These types of car insurances are designed to suit a variety of needs as each individual have different lifestyles, finances, and preferences. The most expensive is the Full Comprehensive Car Insurance, while the cheapest is the … (more) September 4, 2009

  • Am I to report every car accident to the insurance company?

    It is important that you report any auto accident immediately. So that the insurance company can send a representative to investigate and document the necessary descriptions of the damage for the sake of referencing when it comes to the time for coverage. September 3, 2009

  • If a ticket was received in another State but my license is from another, will It affect my auto insurance?

    If investigation is carried out by the law and it is noticed that your license was issued by another state It will go on to your drivers record which is central and can be made available for any authorised body that request for it. So the ‘accident’ cannot be hidden. Thus it will definitely affect your auto insurance. September 3, 2009

  • What exact cost will be incurred for the auto insurance?

    Nobody wants to pay more than is required for insurance. So there is a formula that is applied in this case. For the real price of the car there is a corresponding deductible that must be paid to insure it. This is calculated and sorted out accordingly. For instance, if it costs $100 there is a deductible that may range … (more) September 3, 2009

  • What can I do if I am hit by an uninsured driver?

    Just go ahead to make your claims at your insurance company. Your insurance company will sue the uninsured driver for the expense they incurred in fixing the damage. September 3, 2009

  • Can I be ever covered entirely by auto insurance?

    No matter the types and amount of auto insurance bought. You can never be fully covered. Because there are some “occurrences” that will never be stipulated in the policy. September 3, 2009

  • To what extent will a seat belt ticket affect my auto insurance?

    The driver and the passengers are accountable for this offense. However it is only the driver that is accountable for it if involves a child too. This offense is entered into your driver’s record and it goes a long way to affect your auto insurance because insurance companies make references from time to time when making decisions. September 3, 2009

  • Can I use a conditional License anywhere?

    Some States like New York will allow you to drive outside the state even with a conditional license. However the state of Massachusetts does not permit conditional license. September 3, 2009

  • Is a new car covered by existing auto insurance?

    Only some states will allow a limited grace period for you to use a car before you secure it with auto insurance. September 3, 2009

  • How many cars ply the US road?

    The amount of cars in the United States is about 62 million registered vehicles in US and 6.4 unregistered ones. September 2, 2009