Zero Complaints for Auto Insurer California Casualty


01California Casualty Insurance continues to be one of the top insurance companies in its county for the eighth time in over a decade. And, as pointed out by the California Department of Insurance, one of the main reasons for the company to continually stay among the best in the industry is that it has the fewest justified complaints amidst its peers.

According to the Consumer Complaint Survey, California Casualty Insurance is one of the five auto insurance companies that have had zero justified complaints for last year.

According to Mike McCormick, the auto insurance company’s vice president of group and internet marketing, their customer retention is more than 90% which means that they have a remarkable number of clients loyal to their brand for the past years which is due to their world-class quality customer service. McCormick also adds that the company earns plenty of high marks due to that quality service as well.

The Consumer Complaint Survey which determined the auto insurance company’s standing makes use of a ranking system that is based on a number of complaints for each 100, 000 insured vehicles. The California Department of Insurance recommends that motorists and car owners looking for quality auto insurance in the Golden State to check up on the complaint study and consider its findings before selecting an insurance company in the region.

Also, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners more than 36% of insurance complaints received back in 2008 were related to cars and vehicles. And that most of the complaints involved the problems of delaying and denying of claims.

California Casualty Insurance have been providing quality insurance coverage and services since its founding in 1914, in which the company have been led by four generations of the Brown family which had started the business. The company’s mission is to continue providing financial protection to motorists and car owners, allowing them a sound peace of mind and safety during their travels around the country. And the California Casualty’s long-term relationships with many different groups in society such as the fields of law enforcement and education are a testament of the company’s success.

California Casualty Insurance also organizes and handles events to raise money for cancer and heart disease research each year, as well as does community services for the least fortunate during the holidays. California Casualty is composed of the companies held by the California Casualty Group of Insurance which are managed by the California Casualty Management Company.