War in Massachusetts auto insurance market! Direct writers wait for a fair chance


CULTRF-00016267-001Massachusetts is targeted at for its auto insurance market ever since an announcement was made stating that its first policy had been written and soon it would be writing in Massachusetts as well.

One of the largest insurers of automobiles in the nation, Geico wrote insurance yesterday in the state. an reception was held to greet the officials of the state and also the local officials. Their reception was held in Boston. It was announced by the company that auto insurance quotations and writing would begin this month in the bay state.

Regional vice president, Steve Cunningham stated that they were looking forward to serve the drivers of Massachusetts for a long time now. This statement was released by geico early this month. He said that they felt happy to be there and that Massachusetts residents were an honor to do business with. They felt that they could bring the residents good rates and very good services.

The first person to by this policy was a woman from Whitman, Massachusetts belonging to a bedroom community.

Yesterday, to top things up, it was said by allstate insurance company that forms of policy and the rates had been filed with the insurance division of Massachusetts so that it could re enter the auto insurance market of Massachusetts after a long gap.

November 2 was the day that was targeted to sell the policies.

George Rubenson stated that more than anything, it was the choice and the value that people were looking for. The president of allstate protection also said that being a highly reputed company with a vast presence nationally, it is willing to provide consumers with additional number of choices of auto insurance from a good provider of insurance.

This decision had related directly to the changes of the regulatory structure of the state. This change, called competition of the management made its impact last year.

“This is the 11th new company to enter the market since then,” said Insurance Commissioner Nonnie Burnes. “Managed competition is designed to bring more choice in cost, coverage and companies to Massachusetts drivers, and this filing further demonstrates that managed competition is working and Massachusetts consumers are reaping the benefits of automobile insurance reform.”

Insurance would be available for perchance online for the residents of Massachusetts. The allstate agencies in Rhode Island, new Hampshire and Connecticut would sell insurance as well.