The safest driving cities identified by Allstate insurance


08This year the Allstate Insurance Company (NYSE: ALL) named the safest drivers across the nation in their sixth annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.” The ranking of 200 cities was primarily based on car collision frequencies.

This year’s safest driving city is Fort Collins, Colorado.  According to Allstate’s report auto collision in Fort Collins will be experienced by average drivers every 14.5 years. This probability is 31.2 percent less likely than the national average. Fort Collins is followed by its closest challengers namely Chattanooga Tennessee and Boise Idaho where typical drivers will experience collision every 12.9 years.

The Allstate’s “America’s Safest Driving City” results reveals a pattern that can somewhat be expected by the people. Most of the identified safest places are rural areas with fewer cars whilst the contenders at the bottom of the list are mostly metropolitan areas where cars and people crowd.

Los Angeles was identified as among the least safe driving city with its rank on 183 spot while nearby Glendale was ranked 191. New York City was ranked 159, San Francisco got the 185 spot and Chicago took the 167th place.

Other results include Thousand Oaks at 109, Long Beach ranking 121, Santa Clarita ranked 135, Torrance at 150 and Pasadena is the 160th.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in general there is a decline in the number of auto crashes over the past few years. Nonetheless crash fatalities remains alarming with its average of 35,000 cases per year.

Allstate is annually identifying the safest driving city not just to award the least dangerous place to drive but also to encourage every state to improve on their traffic rules and regulation implementation and for every driver to take their part in making their places a safe community.

In addition Allstate offers some useful tips on how people can make their driving to the utmost safety. Avoiding distractions while driving is one. Another is leaving a safe distance between your car and others. According to Allstate for every 10 miles per hour it is best to maintain at least one car length gap. Taking note of the road conditions is also a way to keep your driving safe. Planning one’s route ahead is also advisable. Staying away from aggressive drivers can also keep driving safe. Aside from these outside factors Allstate also reminds drivers to make sure lights, battery, brakes and exhaust system are all in good working condition before hitting the road.