Ten supercars at Dubai motor show sold for $1.3 million each


Shelby Supercars (SSC) recently sold out a few of its mega-performance sports cars. Earlier they used to boast about being the manufacturer of the fastest car in the world. Founded in 1999,SSC – West Richland company in the sate of Washington has confirmed the sales booking of its latest model- Tuatara, at a whopping price tag of USD $1.3 million each for 10 cars, during the  Dubai International Motor Show in 2011.

The two seater coupe which had a futuristic look is to be brought under production by the year 2012.  It is powered by a twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V8 engine which offers 1350 hp. If the car is made in this way with all the required engine specifications then it would be a great car to drive and it will top the list of hyper cars in the market that includes the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport with 1200 hp and Hennessey Performance Venom GT with1250 hp.

Although dozens of local debuts and global brands like Chevrolet displayed their trophies, but the superior-performance supercars like De Macross GT1 and SSC’s Tuatara caught the crowd’s attention.

The company Shelby Supercars was a part of an auto show. They did it just for people to recognize their brand name and increase their brand value in return. The founder of Shelby Supercars was himself unable to believe that it would create a huge amount of success for them. He said that this show is a huge success for their company as they already sold ten cars in the show while their primary objective was to find a distributor and create brand value.

SSC has inspired the US hypercar manufacturers to produce ultra-performance cars. In its first ever appearance Shelby Supercars sold 10 units of Tuatara hypercar worth USD $130,000 at Dubai Motor Show. The price tag has helped the company to earn a whopping profit and enabling it to break-even the investments. The Gulf region is amongst the few places on the planet that remains unaffected by the global economic meltdown.

The supercar market is always hot in Dubai, as people like flashy cars that bring a twinkle in their eye. The astounding price tag is the last detail they give an ear to. Given the fancy jet fighter appearance to Tuatara supercar, the buyers believe that the $1.3 million price is a great bargain. It is expected that this sale will help the business shortfall.