Tampa Ranked 2nd in Staged Accidents, NCIB Shocked


41Tampa—Florida frauds have been reported to just keep on “popping” from all over the state. Frauds are most likely supplied by the country’s state of great recession and economic depression since auto insurance frauds are quite the quickest way of earning money these days, despite the fact that it is known to be highly risky.

In fact, reports to Ron Poindexter, the president of the National Insurance Crime Bureau or the organization known simply as NCIB, claim that Florida has been flooded with thousands of people who purposely bang their vehicles on walls, trees, posts and other possible objects that are large enough to commit a slightly serious damage on consumers’ cars and the consumer himself. Basically, these people would purposely hit objects and claim a no-fault vehicular insurance coverage. Due to such events and incidents, Poindexter have ordered a task force to investigate vehicular accidents all over Miami to check the authenticity of a no-fault claim.

The said problem has been said to grow largely in just a short span of time. This have made auto insurance companies and the state feel more worried about the current situation of the country and of business in the country especially now that such cases continue to work in the state.

Tampa, has in fact, been labeled as the number one city in Florida with the most cases of staged vehicular accidents. The city had a 290 percent increase of such accidents in 2009. Also, Tampa had ranked as the second city to have most numbers of staged and fraud accidents while New York City still holds the first place spot.

“Tampa second to New York City?” was Poindexter’s shocked comment when he heard the news. Poindexter was once Florida’s insurance fraud division director and as a police officer and the news shocked him so much. It seems that Tampa’s current situation has been very different from how it was years back and that shocked not just Poindexter but also the United States of America.

The massiveness of fraud insurance claims has already reached $100 million annual average of faked out vehicular accidents. This data has only been calculated for Florida alone. Faked vehicular accidents, however, do not just happen in Florida but in all 50 states and that makes this situation very alarming since a lot of auto insurance companies might land into bankruptcy and the people might kill themselves trying to earn money this way.