Streets and highways riddled with potholes – ensure your car is insured


shutterstock_16269325The snow, ice, and wind have damaged the streets and highways and driver have to face the challenges of winter.  The streets and highways in many parts of the country have turned into virtual obstacle courses and drivers have to face the challenge and fortunately one can avail insurance coverage due to damage caused as a result of potholes and other winter-related disasters, as per the Insurance Information Institute.

Car owners will have to protect themselves with the right type of insurance cover and with the right amount during winter season, as this season could wreak havoc on the vehicles.  Car owners will have to protect themselves financially with the right type of insurance, stated Jeanne M. Salvatore, senior VP and consumer spokesperson, Insurance Information Institute.  Given below are a few tips from Insurance Information Institute for drivers to protect themselves against these winter-related disasters:


The optional collision portion of the auto insurance policy covers damage to cars that arise due to potholes, although the actual coverage for potholes might vary between one company to another.  For example, the company might offer a limited coverage for tires if the vehicle was not damaged by the pothole.  This will also offer coverage in case of a collision with another vehicle, object or due to flipping over.

Winter-related damage:

Financial protection is provided against various winter-related disasters by the optional comprehensive portion of the auto insurance policy.  A chunk of ice or a tree trunk falling, a bolt of lightning which could be part of the winter weather, or thunder snow, etc are all covered.  Comprehensive coverage will take care of losses that arise due to theft, earthquakes, fire, flood or hail.  Losses that are caused by anything other than collisions with another vehicle, object or animal are covered.

Crashes and Accidents:

Strong winds with snow and ice can create havoc for the drivers and there is a huge possibility of injuries and accidents.  Each state has a minimum insurance cover that is required to drive legally on the roads.  These requirements are usually low and in order to get better protection, drivers must get enough insurance cover in order to protect the assets in the event of a crash either with another vehicle or a pedestrian.    The general amount recommended by the insurance industry as well as consumer groups is $100,000 of bodily injury protection per individual and $3,000 per accident.