Regulators recommend additional auto insurance coverage


12A majority of the state require the drivers to carry a minimum level of coverage through auto insurance on their vehicles. Now industry experts and officials from the government are emphasizing to customers that these minimum levels of auto insurance protection are not sufficient and in case of a serious accident, additional coverage is highly required. Florida is one of the places where there is a strong case for additional auto insurance protection. The minimum requirement for drivers in this state remains amongst the lowest in the country. The automobile owners in the Sunshine State are needed to carry about 20,000 dollars in auto insurance in protection. A car owner with a clean record without proven traffic violations in the past or financial problems needs only to have 10,000 dollars in personal injury protection and an additional 10,000 dollars in property damage liability.

The personal injury protection covers for a customer who has met with an accident irrespective of whose fault it is. The coverage consists of 80% of the medical expenses and another 60% of lost wages. There is an additional death benefit of 5000 dollars. The property damage liability on the other hand pays for the accidental damage to property caused by the policy holder.

Meanwhile the Department of Financial Services recommends that customers should also get the bodily injury liability or protection. This will pay for damages cause by a liable policy holder, relating to permanent injury or even death. The minimum amount o bodily injury liability recommended to the vehicle owners is 10,000 dollars per person and 20,000 dollars for every accident. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a lot of authorities actually recommend carrying a bigger protection that that. While the BIL or bodily injury liability can be 10,000 dollars per person, it should be at least around 30,000 dollars per accident.

This represents a big rise from the limits recommended by the state. However, the cost of adding this additional coverage for protection of the policy holder can be made reasonable. This depends on shopping for the right kind of insurance policies. Most of these figures of coverage for protection of auto insurance customers, in case of serious accidents are recommended by authorities to ensure that customers, do not trade off with the coverage they get, in order to lower the premiums they pay on the insurance. These recommendations are even more significant in the current period of cost savings.