Questionable Claims in Insurance rising


12More and more people are claiming to have suffered damages caused by one or more of their policies coverage. The NICB or the National Insurance Crime Bureau has found that there are increased instances in which policy holders are damaging their own property in order to make insurers repair or change them. However, instances in which these questionable claims are said to have been done are under careful investigation in order to determine whether or not these claims are true.

Policyholders who plan to intentionally damage their property and claim insurance must be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. They must realize that there are clues to tell whether or not a property has been damaged through natural means and there are also clues to tell when a damage has been intentionally done. A close inspection of the damage and the circumstances of the damage will determine whether or not the said damage is covered by the insurance.

However, policyholders still attempt to bend the rules. The NICB has said that there was a 14% increase in four out of six categories when they compared it to the findings they discovered in 2009. One of the greatest increase in QC is regarding auto glass claims which shows that there was a 527% increase. This only shows that more and more people are trying to get insurers to pay for things that have been damaged but not covered by the policy.

They have also found out that these instances are no longer focused on the central section of the US which only means that this behavior is becoming more rampant. It appears that there is an increasing number of Americans that attempt to do this. This only shows that QCs are no longer concentrated but rather is now beginning to happen all over the country.

The NICB’s continued efforts to stop these events from happening to protect insurers from unnecessarily covering intentional damages to property have been shown to be effective. They have found several incidences in where they have found groups that do these acts. They are putting pressure on these groups to make them stop or at least make it more difficult for them to do what they want sparing insurance companies.

The NICB called to their member companies and other individuals to keep an eye out for these kinds of activities and report them as soon as possible. They should work together to prevent these opportunistic people who rely on the insurance company’s desire to provide quick and efficient relief to their policyholders.

The NICB is currently the country’s leading non-profit organization that aims to defeat these fraudulent acts and protect insurance companies from them. Among their organization, they currently have more than 93% of personal auto insurance attached to them and the number keeps increasing.

Insurance companies do not deserve to be cheated out of their profit. Everyone is entitled to an honest source of living and those who try to fake insurance coverage is just cheating people out of their source of livelihood.