Progressive snapshot discount providing benefits to drivers in Mississippi


Progressive snapshot discount providing benefits to drivers in MississippiAuto Insurance is mandatory for all the drivers and they must have it. But generally it is found that many people do not have auto insurance. The main reason behind not having auto insurance is its high cost. Moreover, people are willing to pay for mortgages, groceries and other things but they will not buy auto insurance despite knowing the fact that auto insurance can be of great help in case of any mishap. Thus, continuous efforts are made to find out ways to provide cheap auto insurance to the people. One such way is Progressive Snapshot discount program which is gaining popularity and expanding rapidly in present times.

This facility has extended to Mississippi and now drivers in Mississippi can avail the benefits of Progressive Snapshot discount program. According to this program the customers are enables the drivers to drive safely and save up to 30 % on auto insurance policy. This is a pay-as-you-drive program which is a usage based auto insurance. There is a device which monitors one’s driving patterns and develops a personalized insurance rate.

The people who drive safely, drive less or drive during safe time periods and are less likely to cause and accident are eligible for this program. This program is already available in many states. People interested in this program have to load a Snapshot device to their vehicle’s diagnostic electronic port. This Snapshot device will track the driving activity for not less than 30 days in order to analyze and  determine whether the person is eligible for discount up to 30 % or not. The data is collected for additional period of five months in order to generate a renewal rate of the policy for the consumer.

Driving behaviors like driving times, speeds and sudden braking are recorded by the device. Minimum driving during time when there is maximum heavy vehicle traffic on road or during the time between midnight and 4 o clock in the morning, driving a less than average distance and least use of heavy braking will help people get auto insurance at a lower rate. Such driving behaviors help in getting auto insurance at a lower rate because these driving behaviors have less chances of being involved in an accident.

The program also states that the customer’s policy rate will not increase on the basis of their driving habits and the program can get cancelled at any point of time.