Poll shows Washington Drivers Pro No-Texting Law


50Despite the number of drivers in the Washington area who text message while they are driving have increased, a majority of them support the new no-texting law, according to a recent poll made in the area.

The PEMCO Insurance poll showed that over 83% of drivers who had been surveyed are in favour of the new law, or even opt that the fine of being caught text messaging while driving should increase. The fine for texting while driving is $124. Additional findings in the poll showed that 44% of the surveyed drivers think that the price of the fine is fair enough, while 40% say that it should get higher. Meanwhile, 11% say that the $124 fine was too expensive and these latter drivers who were surveyed are those that are younger than 35 years of age.

According to Jon Osterberg, the spokesperson for PEMCO, the latest findings in their polls are encouraging as a majority of drivers in Washington are well aware of the danger of text messaging while driving behind the wheel. Osterberg also added that the company was even surprised that even four people out of ten think that the $124 fine should be made higher.

PEMCO also asked the surveyed drivers on what they think about what are the consequences of talking on their cellphones while driving their car. The responses the drivers gave are almost too similar to that of text messaging while driving. 50% of those surveyed say that the $124 fine is the right amount for penalizing drivers who make a call using their cellphones while driving. Then, 30% say that the $124 penalty is too low while 17% say that the fine is too expensive.

Meanwhile, poll data also showed that over 80 of the drivers surveyed don’t understand how receiving a ticket for calling or text messaging on their cellphone while driving would affect their record. Also 36% of them say that they don’t know how this offense would be reported, while 43% of the drivers incorrectly assumed that the ticket for either of the offences would be recorded as part of their driving records.

Text messaging or even making a call on a cellphone while driving is enough to heighten the risk of getting into an auto accident, in which taking one’s eyes off the road for only two seconds is just enough to double the risks. So drivers are advised not to use their cellphones while driving, otherwise paying the fine would be the least of their worries.