Pennsylvania sees new discounts on auto insurance from Unitrin Direct


11A new program of auto insurance has been started in Pennsylvania by Unitrin Direct, which is a direct-to-consumer, group of companies. The insurance offers some attractive prices especially for the drivers with great track record. It also comes with improved protection rendered by novel coverage bundles. The model of business used by Unitrin Direct is very unique in the sense that the overheads are greatly reduced and the cost savings are passed on to the customers without compromising in the service. Unitrin Direct has launched a new savings program in Pennsylvania a few days earlier and customers of the company can greatly benefit from new opportunities.

There are a lot of new discounts. These include the preferred payer discount where customers that pay more upfront, will save more. Obviously those paying the complete amount in the start make the greatest saving. There is Retro Loyalty discount wherein customers are rewarded for showing loyalty to the insurance carrier depending on how long the relationship is. Another discount offered is the Safe and Sound Discount where additional rebate is offered for those drivers who have had continuous insurance without being involved in any traffic violations or accidents over a period of 3 years. The free A Tree discount offers 5% rebate for those drivers who enroll in the automatic payment service called Easy-Pay.

Customers can also benefit greatly from rebates on multiple cars, taking multiple policies at the same time, married couples, minor children, mature drivers and distant students, vehicles with protection such as passive restraints, anti-theft devices and airbags. There are also discounts for group signing of policies. There are quite a few new bundles too which include impressive coverage options for convenience keeping affordability in mind and also the anxiety and concerns of the customers.

These options include the Protect Your Wallet package which includes, accident forgiveness, disappearing deductibles where customers can get a rebate of 100 dollars on the deductible for collision straight away coupled with an added 100 dollars every year that passes without an accident. Other packages include price lock and renewal assurance guarantee. Customers can feel confident about the quality of service offered and the coverage at very good prices. The Unitrin Direct insurance companies aim to offer people simple choices of insurance where it is easier to decide what suits the customer and what plan or coverage gives them greater protection and peace of mind.