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  • Auto Insurance Companies “Strategize” in Approaching Potential Customers

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Auto Insurance Companies “Strategize” in Approaching Potential Customers

    Almost all industries develop a well-conceptualized marketing strategy in order to approach potential customers. And for the first time, one consultative company conducted a study about the auto insurance field. It is Acxiom Corporation which readily took the challenge and launched consumer behavior study through the use of consumer direct surveys. Dubbed as Insurance Consumer Dynamics Study, the data management leader underwent a series of consumer survey studies in order to determine how they want to be approached and to analyze what the consumers need and how to fulfill these needs. The results of this study brought Acxiom closer to … (more) June 7, 2010

  • Growth posted in the auto insurance sector

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Growth posted in the auto insurance sector

    With the economy being revived slowly but steadily, most industries are also recuperating from the lethal blow of the recession. One of the industries that are getting better is the auto insurance industry which poses about 14% growth compared to last year. SulAmerica, with $109.6 million, generated a 10.5% increase as compared to the 2009 revenue. Many other insurance companies are also following the upscale trend in the market charts. Experts say that this is the beginning of a better year for the insurance industry following the aftermath of the worldwide economic downturn. There has been a significant drop of … (more) June 6, 2010

  • Selling Whole Carnapped Cars are now a Thing of the Past

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Selling Whole Carnapped Cars are now a Thing of the Past

    Car napping has been a crime ever since there were cars but the way these are being stolen are changing from time to time. Just as when we thought that things never change, now we are set to encounter the changing strategies of car thieves in selling stolen cars. Nowadays, stealing a car is not only just about how well you are able to drive it away formthe driver but also how fast and how well you are able to dismantle the whole vehicle into sellable parts. Selling car parts is easier than selling the whole vehicle. This is the … (more) June 5, 2010

  • Progressive Corporation’s Shareholders Meeting Decisions take effect

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Progressive Corporation’s Shareholders Meeting Decisions take effect

    The Progressive Corporation, one of the nation’s biggest insurance companies has become one of the biggest names in this field because of the excellent work they have offered consumers in the past. The Progressive Corporation established 1937 was the first company to offer comparison of insurance rates online. This company now has its presence in the various sectors of the insurance industry. The Progressive Corporation held its annual meeting for shareholders. The company representatives believe they had a productive day at the meeting. The shareholders in the meeting made many decisions including the election of Stuart B. Burgdoerfer as the … (more) June 4, 2010

  • Car Insurance Companies warn Car Owners From “Chop Shop” Thieves

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Car Insurance Companies warn Car Owners From “Chop Shop” Thieves

    Keeping in line with their company mission of protecting vehicle owners, the auto insurance company Allstate conceptualized a campign dubbed as “Stripped in Seconds” which shows people how car thieves would likely steal your vehicles and disparage you after. Many people are aware that car thieves are on the loose, waiting for unsuspecing victims in the most unlikely places. Petty thieves can just steal your side mirror or windshield or anything that can easily be detached from your car’s body. Umfortuantely, there are more well-trained thieves today then there are careful drivers out there. All it takes is a couple … (more) June 3, 2010

  • Allstate Looking for Car Insurance Agents

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Allstate Looking for Car Insurance Agents

    People who are looking for career growth opportunities but cannot find it in their respective employers up to this date can hear some good news today. The auto insurance company Allstate is now sourcing talents who are willing to invest both talent and money into their company. And many professionals are already eyeing this career offer from the insurance company. At a time when there are various business and investment opportunities to choose from, what makes the Allstate company much preferable than the others? Allstate (with the initials ALL at the New York Stock Exchange) is a very stable company … (more) June 2, 2010

  • Prop 17 to make interest rates drop

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Prop 17 to make interest rates drop

    The best insurance polices are a combination of low prices, good schemes and ample coverage. Proposition 17 the new bill which is to be passed gives consumers discounts on their coverage policies if they had coverage for a long time, even if they have been switch they insurers. More than three quarters of the insurance policy holders in the country are eligible for these discounts. The law as of now requires insurance companies to give long term customers special benefits and discounts, but not those who change their insurance company. Consumers who change their insurers are not eligible for such … (more) June 1, 2010

  • Insurance policy holders face an increase in interest rates

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Insurance policy holders face an increase in interest rates

    Illinois insurance policy holders now face an increase in their insurance interest rates starting coming July. Homeowners face an increase of 8% by Allstate Corporation. The Northbrook-based company has also proposed to give auto insurance holders who take their policy over Geico insurance a discount of 5% on their insurance rates. Allstate is now offering discounts of 7% of to consumers who pay their bills on the whole in one go. The company is also offering various integrated schemes for auto insurance consumers to suit their requirements. Allstate, is the second largest insurance company in the USA. SNL Financial has … (more) May 31, 2010

  • Increase in fraud rate may lead to increase in insurance policy interest rates

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Increase in fraud rate may lead to increase in insurance policy interest rates

    The 19th of April saw a couple in Woodland come forth and confess that they have been involved in insurance fraud. The District Attorney’s Office said the couple admitted to auto insurance fraud on 19th of April, a Monday. The DA’s office announced the findings of the case on Tuesday. “Operation Cover Me”, a combined effort by five Sacramento Regional Counties along with California Department of Insurance had the case transferred to the District Attorney’s Office. On the 1st of November 2008 the case of 48 year old Jose Angel Dera Sandoval and 38 year old Maria Nuno reached the … (more) May 30, 2010

  • First Quarter Financial Reports Out

    by Jeanny Hopper

    State Auto Financial Corporation said their net income for 2009 is $14.0 million in 2009. Their old net income was $12.9 million. The new health care act now prevents companies from giving Medicare Part D subsidies to employees as prescription medication. The STFC imposed a one time tax fee of $4.5 million towards the health care act. STFC’s nominal values of shares were $21.65 per share on March 31, 2010 and saw an increase on 0.6% from 2009. STFC Chairman Bob Restrepo said “Our story for the quarter is one of underwriting profit, strong growth and improving return on equity. … (more) May 29, 2010

  • Expert views to choose the right auto insurance policy

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Expert views to choose the right auto insurance policy

    Auto insurance is important for people use their vehicles for transport, and every driver is required to be insured by law. Every driver must be insured in order to be eligible for compensation by the insurance company in case they meet with a road accident. Consumers must find an insurance policy which suits their needs and must make sure they do not pay less than or more than the required coverage prices. Experts suggest that consumers should gather information on various insurance policies and its schemes and compare them before they choose the insurance policy for the company. Consumers must … (more) May 28, 2010

  • Cost shifting taking its toll on insurers

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Cost shifting taking its toll on insurers

    A report released by the Insurance Research Council of 2007 said hospitals charge excessive prices on insurance claims from consumers for bodily harm and automobile insurance agencies have to shell out in Billions yearly. Hospitals receive low returns from Medicare schemes and this puts a burden on insurers. Caroline Steinberg American Hospital Association, vice president said after analyzing recent events that this was indeed true. “This report highlights what hospitals have long known: Medicare and Medicaid pay less than the cost of caring for patients. When the government fails to pay its share of healthcare costs, it threatens the financial … (more) May 27, 2010

  • Insuring in style and substance

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Insuring in style and substance

    It is very significant to go revise your insurance policies over a period of time, to make sure you are not paying coverage than that which is required. Two factors that i come across when it comes to car insurance is coverage that is not required for physical damage and limits of liability which are less for the current financial status. Usually when a new or used car is purchased, collision and comprehensive coverage is opted for to protect their car. When cars then get old and their value depreciates, you might end up paying for coverage close to its … (more) May 25, 2010

  • Comparing insurance quotes among insurers can help you get low premiums

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Comparing insurance quotes among insurers can help you get low premiums

    Car insurance policies are usually bought from insurers by average motorists who after purchasing the insurance keep the same old vehicles for a long time without even exploring other insurers that might provide better policies. The premiums of drivers and of insurers keep changing with time. So it is important to keep a check on the rates provided by different companies so as to get the best rates that could actually get consumers low rate coverage. The marketing strategies of insurers include entering markets with rates that may seem profitable. The rates provided are very competitive as every insurer would … (more) May 24, 2010

  • Buying Good Car Insurance plays a significant role

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Buying Good Car Insurance plays a significant role

    You can save a good amount of money just by doing some research work online. The popular posts a study that shows that a lot of people buy auto insurance at the end of an advertisement on TV just by calling out the number. To find the best value follow the couple of things jotted down below: It is important to know how much coverage you actually need, many states offer minimum required amounts to cover up accidents that result in body injuries, the injuries that are liable for all those that are injured in the accident and damage … (more) May 23, 2010

  • Arizona Drivers Provided With Low Cost Auto Insurance Premiums

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Arizona Drivers Provided With Low Cost Auto Insurance Premiums

    While most states including a few provinces in Canada and several American states face a hike in the auto insurance costs, Arizona slides away from this price hike. A Wisconsin based company called the American family is ranked 5th as an auto insurer in the U.S and is also ranked the third largest in underwriting policies of casualty and property. This insurer lowered the premium rates for drivers this march. A story posted recently on weekly news of insurance shows that the owners of automobiles in the state of grand canyon would see a rates descending by at least 7.2%. … (more) May 22, 2010

  • A New Car Insurance Application, Launched By Android

    by Jeanny Hopper
    A New Car Insurance Application, Launched By Android

    A car insurance application has been launched by the Ohio direct to consumer agent for smartphones. This application uses the operating system of google android which is rich attracting platforms and also one of the fastest growing grounds for smartphones. This deal was announced by progressive insurance earlier this week. Matt Lehman, the web experience director of progressive said they saw a good 30% increase in the number of visits to the smartphone website mainly by the users of android during the last four months. This application by android was mainly created to make mobile experiences simpler for the growing … (more) May 21, 2010