Number of Uninsured Drivers Go Up in Texas


Navarro County remains a problem for the state of Texas as the area remains on a red alert for being a home to a high number of uninsured motorists. According to state records, approximately one in every 5 vehicles in Navarro County does not match with their current auto policy; this makes 22.54% of its total number of registered vehicles on the road uninsured, a slightly higher statistic compared to Texas’ average of 22%.

Number of Uninsured Drivers Go Up in TexasA state database shows that counties that surround North Central Texas have an average of roughly 20%, except Ellis County that has a lower average of 18.55%. Industry insiders say that a trend in Texas is that the more urbanized an area is, the bigger its tendencies to have a slightly higher average of uninsured drivers. In state capital, Dallas, for example, 26% of the total number of registered cars does not have adequate or no auto policies at all. On the other hand, counties near Deep South Texas hold the record for having some of highest percentages of uninsured vehicles in the state. In Kenedy County, almost half of the cars that drive around public roads or approximately 49.7% are uninsured. In

Cameron County, 37.85% of vehicles there do not have car insurance and in Zapata, average is 35.8%. Included in this list of counties where drivers tend to be protected while driving is Collin, having 15.08% and Williamson, with 15.16%. Collin is located a few kilometers north of Dallas while Williamson is located a few miles north of Austin.

State authorities say they are already meeting with lawmakers if something can be done to improve the state’s bad reputation for having way too many uninsured and underinsured car owners and drivers.  Reports say that it is the goal of certain officials to have changes filed regarding Texas auto insurance when the legislation sessions begin next year. At present, Texas only requires each vehicle to have liability insurance. Even though a lot of motorists have more coverage protection, experts say that the minimum requirement is often overlooked still. There are motorists who only purchase policies just to satisfy the basic requirements, much worse, if they can get away without getting insurance, they will do so.

According to Texas Department of Insurance spokesman Jerry Hagins, they are still waiting for studies to be conducted to find out why some counties have alarmingly high percentages while others do not. He adds that they are targeting that before the year ends; his department has already drafted a solution to the problem.