Northeast Ohio auto insurance claims coverage denied – action taken by 5 on your side


shutterstock_31673There are two instances that have come to the forefront – two accidents, two claims and two denials for auto insurance coverage.

North Ridgeville resident Nera Poling, was involved in an auto collision which damaged the front end of the Pontiac Sunfire and the collision was due to her fault.  The Buick she rammed into sustained damages to the tune of $1,800.  Poling called Allstate, her insurance provider and they stated that they would look into the matter.

She was always regular with her insurance premiums and even her insurance card clearly showed that she had coverage till June.  However when she called her agent, she was told that had not insurance cover and which left her totally shocked.  She wondered why this accident won’t be covered and that too when she had a valid insurance card.

A similar incident occurred with April Nass a resident of Lakewood.  Her vehicle was hit by someone who had an insurance cover from Allstate.  April took her damaged vehicle to the Allstate insurance adjuster who told her that the damage would be more than $1,500.  So, April showed the Allstate damage estimate to 5 On Your Side and the adjuster wrote that the check would be sent directly to the shop and even signed his name.  However, when she got the necessary repairs done thinking that Allstate had covered the claim, she got a denial from Allstate.  Both Nass and her father were concerned that they would get stuck with the huge repair bill.

However, 5 On Your Side contacted Allstate headquarters and both the matters were sorted out amicably.  Within 24 hours Allstate agreed on covering both the claims and stated that even if their insurance adjuster had made a mistake, Allstate would honor its written statement.

Consumers are forewarned to be diligent with regard to their insurance coverage.  Policyholders are advised to keep all their paperwork in order and make notes on all the correspondence made with the customer service or their insurance providers.

It is advisable to take plenty of pictures of the accident at the site and even record the damage done to the vehicle.  One must always retain the copy of the police report also.

Sometimes, the consumers might have to ask for help from the customer service supervisor or the headquarters if they don’t get any results.  Customers are also advised to review their insurance coverage every year.