New York city has the highest auto insurance rates in the US


New York city has the highest auto insurance rates in the USAccording to a study released by an online auto insurance quote provider, New York City is the most expensive city in the whole of US, to buy auto insurance. The Tri-State members New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut have the highest auto insurance premiums throughout the country. There are a number of factors that have contributed to these high auto insurance rates such as, poor traffic conditions, high crime rates, as well as high population density. New Jersey has continuously been ranked number one for 3 years in a row. But New York as well as Connecticut has also ranked among the top five expensive states to purchase auto insurance.

These high auto insurance rates are mostly concentrated around the city metropolitan area in New York. But the auto insurance rates in rural Connecticut and downtown Brooklyn are really staggering if you have to say the least, stated James Shaffer from Online Auto Insurance quote. But the auto insurance rates in New York have always been ranked as the highest in the country, while the rural areas offer rates that are relatively inexpensive. For instance, the average driver in North Dakota pays just $554 on auto insurance annually. But the state average for auto insurance in New Jersey is $1,184.

So, the simple solution to save on auto insurance costs according to Mr. Shaffer is to move out of New York City area. He states that instead of spending that amount on auto insurance it would be better to just live outside this area and take public transportation instead. This carries a lot of weight especially if it is coming from someone who has been a life-long insurance agent.

However, it is not exactly a hopeless situation for the residents of New York. The online auto insurance quote website offers a number of ways where one can save on auto insurance premiums. The first step is to ensure that you keep a high credit score, maintain a clean driving record, and drive a safe automobile. Another way to cut costs is by combining the insurance policies with the rest of the household members as well.

There is a lot of data that has been compiled by the website and it includes some of the findings from information that is made publicly available by IIS or Insurance Information Institute as well. There are plenty of tips available on these websites and consumers can use them to purchase affordable auto insurance.