New mobile apps used by auto insurance companies



The Smartphone app comes free and works on mobiles that run on Android OS. After this app is downloaded and installed, individuals who wish to obtain an auto insurance policy can take a picture of their driver’s license, VIN or vehicle identification number, or their current insurance ID card. Once the app scans this image, it will take all the relevant information like name, address etc. On confirmation of this information, Progressive will send the quotes within a matter of minutes. Policy seekers can download and install this app from Progressive’s mobile hub.


According to a statement issued by the company, this is a new technology and is only available through Progressive. It helps the entire process of obtaining quotes and purchasing insurance policies by simplifying the whole process. The image capture technology is increasingly used by the banking industry while depositing checks. So, Progressive is capitalizing on this technology right now.


This app would be made available in almost all states by the year end, according to Matt Lehman from Progressive. He is the mobile business leader for the company. Right now, it is available in 15 states such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.


According to Lehman, this app is ideally suited for those who are dependent on the use of technology in their daily routine. He also added that this ‘image capture’ was introduced with the aim of simplifying the entire process of obtaining auto insurance quotes. With the use of this technology, consumers can find another way to shop for auto insurance because a mobile and driver’s license are things that most people carry with them all the time.


With regard issues such as privacy, Lehman states that the information that is gathered is kept confidential and is never stored anywhere. So, if the consumer obtains a quote and then decides not to purchase the policy, it is perfectly fine. It is just like obtaining a quote online and then deciding not to go ahead with the purchase of the policy.

Mobile apps are now being used by car insurance companies to obtain insurance quotes. For instance, Progressive’s new mobile app can be used by any of the Smartphone users. They can obtain auto insurance quotes after taking a picture of their driver’s license. This is known as ‘image capture’ and it works on most Smartphones and iPhones.