Motorists React to Premium Rate Hikes in Florida


Reports from premium indexes of insurance companies in Altamonte Springs, Florida verify that the state’s average cost of Florida auto insurance for November averaged at $ 1,652.80, 3.3% higher than last year’s average.

Motorists React to Premium Rate Hikes in FloridaAccording to insurance industry insiders, there can never be a better time than now to get vehicle insurance as trends show an increase in rates year after year. While various insurance companies in Florida take most of the opportunity by luring motorists to promos and offers, the public blame these companies for the constant increase in premium rates.

In Florida, public interest groups are starting to be loud regarding their protests and are beginning to bring the issues to the streets. Reports say that groups organizing protests have been issued warrants by local police officials for the possibility of disrupting peace and disturbing public traffic.  While local authorities do their best to quiet down the growing number of upset motorists regarding premium rate hikes, the battle between insurance companies and customers is said to go on and will go on until the situation improves.

According to reports from the Insurance Information Institute, the state of Florida ranks fairly compared to other states that experienced premium rate hikes during the last quarter of 2009. Florida’s average is substantially lower than the national average for the United States, which according to reports from the Insurance Information Institute currently stands at $1,780.

Industry experts say that since the Florida auto insurance premium rates are better when compared to other states, the blame should not be focused alone on insurance companies. According to them, these companies are doing their best to provide very competitive rates; and the blame should only be placed on the lack of information campaign to educate consumers. Industry experts also say that a part of the blame should go to motorists for the lack of responsibility to be informed about the latest updates regarding auto insurance in their region.

On the other hand, insurance companies in Altamonte Springs issued reports to explain to motorists their stand on the issue about continued hikes in car insurance premium rates. According to them, they are simply following trends set by the economy because they still need to operate as a business, but they never forgot their main purpose of serving clients with excellent service. For most insurance companies in Altamonte Springs, increase in premiums equal significant increase in service quality and customer satisfaction delivery.

At this point, State officials remain silent to issues regarding premium rates. Reports say that State officials believe they best leave it first to private companies before they intervene.