Motorists Cautioned on Dealing with Big Rigs, Trucks


Law enforcement agencies and even Nevada auto insurance companies are warning American car owners of the risks big rigs and large trucks pose to motorists on the road. According to industry experts and law enforcers, statistics are showing more drivers getting involved in accidents with big trucks in recent years. They point out that aggressive driving behavior is often to be blamed for the increase in fatalities and injuries across the U.S.

Motorists Cautioned on Dealing with Big Rigs, TrucksMany analysts agree that engaging in dangerous driving habits can result in potential accidents. Unlike ordinary vehicles, 18-wheelers and large trucks are less maneuverable and can cause considerably more damage to cars and the people inside. Government agencies in different states have reported a sharp increase in the number of truck-related incidents.

In Las Vegas, Nevada for instance, police have reported almost 600 accidents involving trucks and big rigs during the course of a year. During the same period, 43 people lost their lives to the same accidents. Experts believe that most of the accidents were caused by motorists trying to drive around trucks, only to end up being crushed. Big rigs are notoriously hard to drive and offer visibility is often limited to the front because of the cab’s height and orientation.

Meanwhile, law enforcers in Alabama have also noticed an increase in traffic accidents involving rigs. The alarming figures have prompted state officials from both states and from many other regions to come up with new programs to discourage car owners from driving recklessly around trucks.

Nevada’s state government recently launched the “Badges on Board” program, intended to catch motorists speeding around big rigs. Police officers would join random truck drivers while being followed by an unmarked police car. Once reckless drivers are spotted ignoring all safety precautions, they will be pulled over and issued a ticket. A similar program also exists in Alabama. However, state regulations have also called for safety reminders to be posted on the different sides of the big rigs to warn car owners of the dangers. So far, law enforcers have caught 2,200 offenders in Alabama.

Car insurance experts say that the new efforts to help curb the risks associated with driving around large trucks will have a positive impact on insurance rates. They explain that reducing the number of accidents related to trucks and big rigs will eventually lead to lower premiums for both ordinary motorists and truck drivers.