Missouri and Pennsylvania Ban Cell Phone Use while Driving


According to reports, US states are taking necessary measures to reduce the number of car accidents by eliminating all possible sources of distractions that contributes to drivers’ losing their focus while on the road. Missouri and Pennsylvania are two states that are currently in the process of preparing legislation that will ban the use of cell phones while driving. Experts predict that come next year, other states may follow suit and do the same, having lawmakers write laws regarding mobile phone usage while on the road.

Lawmakers in Missouri have started to file bills for the upcoming 2010 legislative session that is set to begin come January 6. According to reports, bills will focus on imposing a ban on all drivers from sending text messages while they are behind the wheel. State legislators believe that it is about time for them to do something regarding this growing concern on mobile communications, driving, and the number of road accidents in Missouri.

Missouri and Pennsylvania Ban Cell Phone Use while DrivingLast year, lawmakers from Missouri successfully imposed a ban on young drivers regarding their cell phone usage. 2008 saw drivers 21 years old and below being barred from sending text messages while on the road. Now, lawmakers are after older drivers. According to industry insiders, the state’s reaction regarding cell phone usage is quite effective, especially since instead of doing an all out ban, lawmakers focused on one particular age group at a time. Insurance analysts predict that by 2011, collisions and road accidents related to cell phone usage will decline significantly and can even be eliminated. Those who support the bills that will widen the scope of Missouri’s texting limitations strongly believe that texting while driving is very risky and hazardous that no driver should even think of doing it.

Alternatively, one of the largest cities in Northwestern Pennsylvania also has major plans regarding texting and calling restrictions for drivers. Last week, Erie City Council scheduled a public hearing that would discuss a potential ban on texting while driving and vote on a preliminary approval of the planned ordinance.

Reports say that Pennsylvania’s said ordinance included bans on calling and sending e-mails and text messages using cell phones by any person who is inside a moving vehicle. Even those who are riding a bike in the city will be included in this ban. Those who are caught violating planned provisions will be charged with a fine that ranges from $150 to $300. Experts agree with the state getting strict as motorists who are distracted by their communications gadgets have gained notoriety in the past year for causing serious accidents.