Insurance agent from Atlanta makes policies fun


Chris Jordan, an entrepreneur in the field of insurance has been posted on to inc. magazine. He is posted in a story on businesses that say entrepreneurs can begin a new business in their pjs.

He uses a web cam, a dig cam, networks and significantly his humor to bond with people making them his customers. He says that insurance is all about building trusting relationships and he strongly believes that relationships too can be forged online.

He says that chats, web cams and other communicative devices gives the owners of the agencies a chance to bond with customers like they’ve never experienced before.

Jordan says that the people who view this site have a comforted feeling with him.

Jordan said in a pod cast that when he went to Atlanta, and he introduced himself, people referred to him as the guy from the video and made him feel like he was out there and like they knew him.

He reached out to the customers to an extent that they knew his family and pets. He talks about insurance and in a fun way!

Jordan reached out to the fun side on Valentine’s Day by taping a video message which showed him immersed in a tub of water which was filled with bubbles. He calls himself Atlanta’s romantic insurance agent calling newly weds to him who want discounts for home coverage and insurances.

He got an idea while walking through the Tampa airport so he took out a camera and recorded a statement about how stolen or damaged items could be covered by home owners!

If visitors want to talk to him, he has a web cam for some face to face chat. By using a 10 mega pixel camera to upload his video through you tube and copies the code into his bog. He commercializes the phone way but for a relationship with the customer; he gets on the networking sites.

“[I]t doesn’t always have to be suit and tie any more, especially with generations X and Y… it is very exciting to be able to step outside of that box and do things differently,” he told Van Aartrijk.

He says this project is fun and his business is picking up and it continues to grow.

He started a firm called the agency edge marketing which works with agencies and other agents making them improve I their effectiveness online. He mixes his work with a personnel touch even with the availability of technology.