High average rates in Georgia


PDRF-00225286-001Moving to Mexico, Oregon, Missouri or Illinois would get you cheaper insurance for cars. Ranking the 8th highest in the annual ranking is Georgia, where the drivers here pay an average of about 1751.42 dollars annually while the national average rate for premiums annually is 1429.26 dollars. While the average on premium is just 902.85 dollars in Maine, Louisiana has a whopping $1751.42 a year.

Several factors affect the rates creating a variation from one state to the other.

Information based on a variety of policies that include health, life, disability and auto insurances and also the rates are being quoted by the trading company.

These figures should not be compared with the figures of the National Association of insurance commissioners. This association measures the exact amount spent by people every year without any regard to the rates of the state’s average policy being expensive or not.

The standards that everybody follows are the figures of NAIC said the commissioner of insurance in Georgia, John Oxendine.

The figures were used recently in 2007 and ever since have been in the middle of the pack. A policy holder’s average cost is 782 dollars currently.

When compared with the 10 states that are most populated, Georgia lies third last in the list. There are many factors that play an important role leading to high rates here. Comparing Georgia to Illinois whose average cost of insurance is $723 per policy holder, it is very likely to die in a car accident, have your car broken into, or just stolen.

In Georgia, attorneys get involved in case of car accidents but this is very unlikely in Illinois.

Oxendine says that large states have to be compared with large states only pointing at Georgia which he says is always going to have higher rates than Mississippi, Wyoming and Wisconsin. He jokes that there are more cows in Wyoming than people.

Average insurance rates were taken for 2400 vehicles to come up with good numbers for their study which were based on 10 ZIP codes in every state.

Some of the important things that also played a role in the figures are the rates that were based on a man who was 40 years old. He drove 12 miles to work in a car modeled in 2010 said insure.com.the policies given out as samples could be deducted of 500 dollars as coverage or if a collision took place.