GoAuto opens yet another branch


85898485Within a year, GoAuto has seen immense improvement. With more than 100 employees and nearly 33 branches to their credit, GoAuto has established itself as a low cost insurance company currently.

A new branch on Heather Drive which opened this June has added to the success of the company. This new branch is opened by insurance agents who are not just licensed but also have extensive experience in this field. The owners of the new branch Vickie Tweedel and Teresa “Shorty” Daniel have experience of as much as a decade and more as insurance agents.

This company calls itself a low cost insurance company and also works towards the same. If you have any doubts and try to avail the insurance from other companies only to walk back to GoAuto, you still have no penalties to worry about. It is the customers who are given importance and hence you face no penalties when you realize that true benefit of this low cost insurance company and decide to use its services.

This customer friendly attitude and the immense experience that the CEO of GoAuto, Greg Tramotin has, has contributed a long way to its success. The company which is actually named as Gramercy Insurance Co has found huge clientele in less than a year which is quite commendable.

Tramontin first started the office in Lafayette’s Feu Follet Road in September 2009 and has performed well ever since. In a telephone interview, Tramontin emphasized that his company specializes only in auto insurance. He said that through they do not cater to all needs of all people through the company; they aim to be the best when it comes to auto insurance.

While the current economic condition has improved, some companies are still trying to find their place in the markets and make profit. Undeterred by this, Tramontin expressed his confidence in the company’s progress even in the current economic conditions.

Taking a very organized approach and understanding the needs of the public, Tramontin mentioned his plans of expansion saying that the company aims to have 45 branches by Feb 1. This comes as good news to the public which is always looking out for the best auto insurance plans since the market is flooded with many companies making various claims. In conditions where people are struggling to make ends meet, GoAuto comes as a boon to the common man through its services and easy reachability through its branches.