GEICO Presents Its New Officers


84750591GEICO or the Government Employee Insurance Company is an insurance corporation from the Berkshire Hathaway group of companies. It is known to be one of the largest private insurance companies in the nation. It is currently holding vehicular insurance policies for about 9 million American citizens and is holding about 16 million vehicles insured.

Recently, the Government Employee Insurance Company or the GEICO has promoted and announced four new officers in various departments. It has informed the public that Terry Jenkins had now became the vice president and is responsible for the real estate and facilities management. Steve Otrosky and Steve Smith were voted as the company’s vice president’s assistants under the information technology departments. And finally, Neal Craig moved up a notch in the company and is now the internal auditor.

Terry Perkins, before being assigned as the vice president of GEICO, worked as the vice president’s assistant of the real estate and facilities management division but he was focused on corporate real estate attainment, real estate organization, travel, corporate fleet, flight, purchasing, warehousing, supply, printing, mail and freight. He became part of GEICO in 1985 and his first job that year was as a staff auditor. Then later on he became an internal auditor, and then he became the head of the internal audit in 2002 until he became the newest GEICO’s vice president in charge in real estate and facilities management.

GEICO has developed a new organization in its information technology division and they have chosen Steve Otrosky to head this newly developed department. This new division in GEICO is focused on making all requests and transportation in a contemporary policy. Otrosky became part of GEICO in 1996 as the director of the company’s IT department. He has aided in developing the company’s insurance policy handling system in the World Wide Web.

Steve Smith was given the new responsibility of attending to the company’s internet businesses. He now holds the sales, services and the claim applications of the company in its information technology department. He was also assigned to handle the company’s new mobile applications.

The newly appointed internal auditor Neal Craig is also known as GEICO’s new chief audit executive. He was first assigned the task of an accountant in GEICO when he joined in. Apparently he then climbed up the accountant’s ladder and has now landed one of the highest positions in the company’s auditing department.