Esurance Launches Outdoor Ad Campaign


LA7375-001Esurance, one of the most well known names in the auto insurance industry, is taking a step further in strengthening its brand by launching a new worldwide outdoor advertisement campaign. This campaign would propagate the message that the company offers quality insurance products and service, and interested clients could access them either through the internet or by phone.

The characters featured in the company’s advertisements are chosen and sorted out to represent the human and technology side of Esurance. For example, the approachable Chad the “feely”) and programmer Sanjeev (the “techy”) respectively represent the mentioned sides, making them a balanced team in showing off the best of what the company could offer. The purpose of engaging these two characters in the company’s advertisement campaign would be that they would work in tandem to show Esurance’s best features and what sets the company apart from its other competitors.

Darren Howard, Esurance’s Vide President of Marketing, explained that they have taken great care in choosing the characters for their company advertisements so they would give a clear message to the public. Howard also added that the company gives importance to using innovative technology while values the human side of it to appeal to interested customers. Esurance makes full use of its 24/7 customer service and online policy management to prove to clients that the company offers the best of what auto the insurance industry could offer them.

The company’s advertisements would be featured in major areas in the cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Tampa, and many others. They would be showcased on billboards, bus posters, and bus shelters in order to relate the company’s message to the public that they offer quality auto insurance services.

Esurance has run a Station Domination in the Embarcadero B.A.R.T. in Francisco this month of July. This move would prove useful in the San Francisco market with the city’s residents, especially since San Francisco’s Bay Area commuters could take advantage of the company’s outdoor advertisement campaign.

This well-known company have not only made its advertisement campaign noticeable in many places, but it also made its services easier to know through its techies and feelies. With this latest business venture, the company is making its services more known and increasing its brand positioning for customers to approach them more. Interested customers could even check the company’s Facebook page to see more of its advertisements.

Esurance is a subsidiary of the White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd., in which it provides high quality and personal auto insurance through its select agents. This company is dedicated to continue improving the ways how people make use of it auto insurance provides, and it combines the best technologies and industry capabilities to deliver their services well.