Driving Safety Fair Could Cut Auto Insurance Cost for Teens


Road accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in America. That is why California auto insurance providers have all the reasons to charge younger motorists with higher premium rates. In a continuing effort to save teenage a southern California group along with city officials is conducting a driving safety course for teenagers. The group says safer driving by teens could significantly help trim down auto insurance costs for young motorists.

Driving Safety Fair Could Cut Auto Insurance Cost for TeensAmong American motorists, drivers aged 16 to 19 years old have the highest annual crash and traffic violation rates. Each year, 5,000 teenagers die of road crashes while 400,000 end up severely injured. American Academy of Pediatrics reports that road deaths account for a third of teen casualties.

In an effort to help fight risky driving trends by young motorists, the City of Clarita and the Automobile Club of Southern California are inviting locals to attend this year’s Teen Driving Safety Fair. The event, which is in line with the National Teen Driver Safety Week, will take place this Saturday at Central Park. It will kick off at 10 am and will end at 2 pm.

Teens and parents are encouraged to participate in lessons about conscientious driving on city streets. Local officials announced that Teen Driving Safety Fair is free and open to public.

An anticipated rock climbing wall event will be featured in the fair. It is designed to demonstrate the impact of a 20 mile-per-hour crash on vehicles and its passengers. Driving activities and games will likewise be offered to help young motorists understand the importance of road ethics and safety.

Organizers say they plan to teach young motorists about the ripple effects of reckless driving. Not only does it cost lives of irresponsible drivers but it also harms pedestrians and other drivers, they explained. Additionally, it pushes auto insurance rates up for younger motorists in the state. California is 24th in the whole United States when it comes to highest average annual premium rates paid by motorists.

Experts remind young motorists in Santa Clarita that teen driving is a privilege, not a right, so it must be taken with responsibility and caution.

The National Association of Auto Insurance Commissioners tells parents that checking on existing insurance policies are necessary before letting their children take their car to school. They encourage more communication between parents and teens regarding road safety and insurance savings.

Organizers of the fair are hoping that through activities and games, they can bring parents and children to work together for road safety.