Dallas Local Groups Remind Motorists that Safe Driving Can Control Premium Rates


Local organizations in Dallas reiterate to car owners and drivers the importance of working on things you can control rather than focusing on things that you cannot change no matter what.  When it comes to Dallas auto insurance, local motorist groups in Dallas plan to hold a month long campaign during December to remind Texas drivers that safety in driving is the best way to control rising costs of Texas auto insurance.

Dallas Local Groups Remind Motorists that Safe Driving Can Control Premium RatesThe plan of the local groups in Dallas started during the second week of November. Plans to promote safe driving include seminars on Dallas traffic regulations, responsible driving, and Texas State laws governing car insurance. Reports from insurance companies in Texas indicate that the amount of traffic tickets and accidents a motorist incurred on his driving record strongly affects the computation for policy premiums. According to insurance experts, the main problem with Dallas motorists is their tendency to disobey traffic laws and go beyond state mandated speed limits. The Texas Department of Transportation even reports that majority of crashes in Texas result from speeding, following too closely from other vehicles, and not following red lights and stop signs.

According to local motorist groups, Texas drivers are forgetting the importance of driving safely as a tool when it comes to managing auto insurance costs. Indeed, there are a number of factors that strongly affect car insurance premium rates that Texas motorists cannot control, such as driving experience and age. On the other hand, one of the most significant rating factors in calculating insurance premiums, the driver’s driving record, is controllable. This is the basic principle that local motorist groups in Dallas want their drivers to remember. Insurance companies in Dallas can even prove that motorists who see to it that they drive safely not only boost their passenger and vehicle safety, they also save money and reduce costs in car insurance. Insurance companies in Texas are known to offer rewards and discounts to drivers with good driving records.

Leaders of various local groups are hoping that state authorities will pick up on what they are doing and show at least financial backing. According to local organizations, they have not yet sent formal proposals or requests to State officials since plans are not yet finalized, but when papers are complete and ready, they will forward these to state officials. Reports said that when they were asked about their comments regarding the support from state officials, group leaders said that they are positive about it and that the state of Texas has always been a promoter of affordable auto insurance.