Car damage claims set to rise in 2010


Recent news foresees a high rise in insurance claims this year for car damages. This news, reported from various car insurance companies throughout the UK and United States in addition to local police reports, directs this anticipated dilemma to the increasing percentage of irresponsible car owners, young and inexperienced drivers, damage brought by natural disasters, deficient car insurance policies and premiums, and, non-car insurance coverage holders.

Safety on the road is always number one for every car owner. Governments of UK and US have been growing concerns on road safety, thus their calls on safety measures instructed strictly in the purchase of car and car insurance. Major road safety organizations such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety–an ‘independent, nonprofit, scientific, and educational organization, is dedicated to reducing the losses from crashes on the nation’s highways. ‘They conduct ‘scientific studies of insurance data representing the human and economic losses resulting from the ownership and operation of different types of vehicles and by publishing insurance loss results by vehicle make and model.’

Especially when it comes to expensive cars, insurance claims can price dearly. In UK news, a recent test drive crash resulted in a £300,000 insurance claim for a Pagani Zonda S, which costs £500,000. Aviva, the insurance provider has stated this as their biggest insurance payout yet in UK when it comes to private cars. This was but a test drive, what more when that car was on the road and has brought damage to the lives of people?

Wyoming, Washington and Iowa on the other hand, has come to a decision to ban text messaging to all drivers while on the road. They have joined the campaign against text messaging while driving, along with 22 other states to decrease road accidents brought by lack of focus while driving.

FANCY-00026415-001Furthermore, there is no doubt about the rising number of typhoons and other nature-related disasters causing damage to cars. Insurance claims have risen in 2008 by a considerable percentage and is foreseen to still rise this year due to global warming.

Along with these news from the US and UK, car insurance company consultants also underscore the need to understand your car coverage in order to decrease hassle when filing or claiming damage insurance after a car wreck brought about by collisions or damages brought about by natural disasters. The tension is high both for car insurance companies and insurance holders. Consult and coordinate with your insurance company to further your inquiry and prevent hassle at the time of insurance claim.