Be Forewarned: Law Mandates Auto Insurance


OJORF-00013300-001Car owners’ excuses for not getting their autos insured will no longer be accepted as car insurance is now mandated by law.

Many drivers in the United States neglect having their cars insured due to several reasons. Firstly is the financial constraint. The average rate for auto insurance cost is $1550. The rate, however, changes rapidly from time to time, and varies from state to state. And of course, the aforementioned rate is just the average; the driver’s age, location, gender, and driving skill are vital considerations in taking auto insurance. These considerations may increase or decrease the cost of the insurance.

Industry analysts say auto owners devise different ways in getting car insurances in order to save cash. Some even opt not to get their cars insured because of such financial reasons. In fact, some states have recorded low auto insurance applications. In New Mexico, for example, almost 29 percent of its auto owners have not yet got their cars insured. Likewise, in California, it is predicted that as the unemployment rate rises, only four out of five auto owners will obtain insurances for their cars.

Secondly, auto owners seem to ignore having their cars insured because they generally think they will never get involved in any vehicular accident.  But the fact is, the chance of getting involved in road accidents is just around the corner.  It is not always necessary that you are the one who causes the accident; however careful a driver you are, there’s still the great chance that some careless drivers out there will cause you unprecedented trouble.

Auto drivers should realize the importance of getting their cars insured. In fact, one can even save more money by having his/her car insured. Take note that driving an uninsured car is illegal in US. Hence, it is more likely that one will be receiving as much as $5000-worth traffic ticket when caught driving without insurance. Also, you will surely be saving more since driving an insured auto also means getting financial aid in case facing a lawsuit.  Moreover, driving an insured car means, in some cases, you will not pay fees, have your driver’s license confiscated, or go to jail due to traffic violations.

So if you think getting your car insured will only cause you financial burden, well think again. Think about how much you will most likely save when driving an uninsured car. Think about the benefits you will get in case (well, God forbid) you will get involved in car accidents. Think about the convenience of not having the worries of driving an uninsured car. And most importantly, think about the pride of driving around the streets of your city as a legal, law-abiding car owner.