Allstate to Surpass Last Year’s Recruitment Number


3Pennsylvania—last year the Allstate Insurance Company have recruited a fairly large number of new absolute agents in the state of Pennsylvania, and this year, they might just repeat this phenomenal recruitment. Recent reports say that the company has been inclining its recruiting in Pennsylvania again. The company has been recently looking for about 48 agency or organization owners for this year.

Just last year, in 2009, the Keystone State, Pennsylvania, has had 55 newly opened agencies scattered around the state. This year, Allstate Insurance Company has been focusing on improving on with this by going beyond the achievements they had last year in Pennsylvania involving individuals and professionals who wish to open up their own businesses under the current situation of the state and the country itself.

According to Allstate Insurance Company’s recruiting director, John Currado, they see the potentials of attracting mid-career, small time businesses and potentially good managers in the current economical situation of the country in Pennsylvania. He also said that the company is focused on working with business brokers and with the help of their own recruiters they are going to find professionals who have the quality to supply customer service, has the skills to manage a business, and has a financial or sales background.

For individuals to qualify for the positions or business helps offered by Allstate Insurance Company, they must first be able to invest a liquid capital of $50,000 in their agency. With the country’s quite unstable economic condition, the recruiters are focused on getting agents who would invest in the brand name of Allstate, so that they could be sure that their money would still be there and would circulate and grow.

Currado have stated that Allstate is a very different insurance company since it would be the agents who would control the economic stability of their business. He also informed the public that it would be the agents’ freedom to sell their economic interest in the company which is not offered in any other insurance companies in the country.

This form of business has helped a lot of people go through the country current economic crisis, even though it was quite edgy. The Allstate Insurance Company targets specific cities in 2010. The cities and the areas that the company targets represent the customer’s touch points in the broad strategy that Allstate has designed to provide vehicular insurance policy all over the state. They also would be providing insurance policies to boats, all terrain vehicles or the ATV’s, and motorcycles.

With these, Allstate Insurance Company has made it the second largest vehicular insurance providing company all around the state of Pennsylvania, the Keystone State. They have provided auto insurance policies to over 951,000 both cars as well as trucks found within Pennsylvania. Allstate also holds the title of being the country’s largest personal insurer that is controlled or held by the public.