Allstate Looking for Car Insurance Agents


IMBR-00160819-001People who are looking for career growth opportunities but cannot find it in their respective employers up to this date can hear some good news today. The auto insurance company Allstate is now sourcing talents who are willing to invest both talent and money into their company. And many professionals are already eyeing this career offer from the insurance company.

At a time when there are various business and investment opportunities to choose from, what makes the Allstate company much preferable than the others? Allstate (with the initials ALL at the New York Stock Exchange) is a very stable company compared to other business and franchise options. Add to that the fact that every person who owns a car is required to secure auto insurance before getting a license—making money out of selling car insurance will really generate money. Allstate hopes it will get enough agents in California so that the company will be able to raise the number of Allstate insurance holders in the place (since it lingers in the third spot to date). This strategy of recruiting people to set up Allstate insuranc agencies all over the city is an attempt to dislodge the current top two players in the insurance business in California.

From entrepreneurs to mid-level management employees, the largest publicly held personal lines insurer company offers them to become agents of the insruance brand. And as agents, they will thus own an Allstate insurance agency in California. Upon approval of their application to represent the brand, they must shell out $50,000 in capital in order to invest in the company. Once this requirement is met, the new agents can finally run their own agency and offer auto insurance to other people as well. The money that was pooled by the candidates as part of the requirements for running an agency will then gain interest and this is where the agent gets his income. In time, when the interest has grown to exponential rates then he or she has the option of selling it to other agents or to continue growing his own interest in the company.

People who want to become part of this career opportunity may visit for added information. Applicants may also contact Linda Black, senior recruiting consultant for California, at If you want to get your career started then this might be the opportunity that you are waiting for. Because with Allstate, it is not only the customers who are in good hands but also their agents.